What's New in WebOffice 10.8

This chapter lists all new features and functionalities in WebOffice 10.8. WebOffice 10.8 also includes changes to the support for ArcGIS, Java, Tomcat, Tomcat connectors, databases and geodatabases.

Information about fixed issues that WebOffice 10.8 contains can be found in the change log file: https://resources.weboffice.vertigis.com/WebOffice108



You can find an overview of the What's New in WebOffice 10.8 in the news article on our website.

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The current range of functions of WebOffice 10.8 is listed in the functionality matrix.

WebOffice 10.8 supports the ArcGIS versions listed in Server-Side Requirements as well as the browser versions listed in Client-Side Requirements.

Details about upgrading your existing WebOffice version to the current version can be found in chapter Upgrade WebOffice.

Since WebOffice 10.7 there is a BETA version of Geoprocessing (Python) based printing with the name VertiGIS Printing in addition to the already known WebOffice extensions - for more details see chapter VertiGIS Utilities Printing Tools.



With WebOffice 10.8 the working directory of the WebOffice author standalone changes. In order to continue using existing profiles, they must be exported before uninstallation and imported again after reinstallation. If a staging mapping is saved for taking projects productive, the corresponding .json files must be transferred from %APPDATA%\Roaming\SynerGIS\WebOfficeAuthorStandalone\UIData\GoLiveStagging to %APPDATA%\Roaming\VertiGIS\WebOfficeAuthorStandalone\UIData\GoLiveStagging.

Since WebOffice 10.8, the WebOffice author standalone is delivered as a 64-Bit application. It should be noted that the ArcMap connector, which is responsible for the connection to MXDs, is still delivered as a 32-bit application, since it is based on the 32-bit ArcObjects.




Chapter in User Manual



Support for ArcGIS 10.8

Server-Side Requirements


Support for Java OpenJDK 11 (11.0.7)



Support for Apache Tomcat 9.0.35

Apache Tomcat


Support for Apache Tomcat Connectors (v1.2.48 - 64bit) for Microsoft IIS

Apache Tomcat Connector

WebOffice core client


Update to ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15

WebOffice core Client


Specific layer configurations of WMS services for display in the table of content

List of Layers


New user-defined WebOffice tool Elevation Service Austria

Elevation Service Austria


Custom tool ArcGIS Web Scene: Support for widget line of sight

ArcGIS Web Scenes


Option to configure more custom tools than before

Web Integration - Custom Tool


Support for adding Portal Items of the type Layer

Reference to ArcGIS Portal Item

ArcGIS Portal Item Collection


Enhancements for the tool Net Trace:

Support for the options Trace downstream and Trace Upstream on a geometric network

Save Barriers and Startflags in a StateID

Net Trace

Net Trace - Use Case


Improved adaptability for markup texts by scaling the text size in relation to the scale

Tool Markup


Improved usability, cancel a draw/measure operation with Esc-Key

Core - Structure


Define the rotation of user defined labeling manually

Label Feature


Change already created user defined labeling afterwards

Label Feature


Rotate Placed Labels

Label Feature

WebOffice flex client


Update to ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15

WebOffice flex client


Support for Edit Functionality
(Create, Edit and Delete of Features)



GPS Attributes Assignment

Edit attributes


Edit Geometry, Undo-Functionality for Measuring

Measure Distance

Measure Area

WebOffice usermanagement


Extensive enhancements for the self-registration form:

Support for user creation with activation

Support for user creation to edit the basic data

Support for user creation for notification after project activation

Support for a Forgot password function

Support for disabling users

Support for logging self-registration activities

Self registration form


Reset passwords


Update Self Registration






Configure the file "web.config"



Expiration date for user


User Management


End of Support for MS Access DB as User Management Database


WebOffice author standalone


Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.5

Connection to ArcGIS Pro


Configuration possibility of timeouts for performance optimization



Possibility to edit multiple projects simultaneously

Open Project

Generic Edit Mode



WebOffice URL Call Interface Editing

WebOffice URL Call Interface for Editing


Editing of published ArcGIS tables in Service API (including mass editing)

Editing in Service API


Additional option when reloading resources from projects: Load map services and database connections individually



Details about project initialization with added timestamp



Visibility in Clients in Web CODI-Tools

Web CODI-Tools


Visibility in Clients in UT Server-Tools

UT Server-Tools


Support for status fields in full text search

Full Text Search Status Fields


Support for static legends in the Printing tool and VertiGIS Printing

Static Legend - Tool Print

Static legend (VertiGIS Printing)


Extensions for WebOffice ePaper:

Support for .NET 4.8

New interface design of the ePaper designer

Directory selection support for WebOffice ePaper templates



ePaper designer


ePaper templates

What's New in WebOffice 10.8