Apache Tomcat Connector (Optional)

General information

Apache Tomcat Connector is an open source software not provided by VertiGIS GmbH nor from Esri. It needs sophisticated manual configuration and functionality cannot be granted.


Using Apache Tomcat Connector is optional:

All Apache Tomcat web applications may be referenced via port 80, so external URL's will not need any port declaration.

Sophisticated and buggy installation



The currently recommended version is Apache Tomcat Connectors (v1.2.48 - 64bit) for Microsoft IIS.

Apache Tomcat Connector Installation



Before setting up Apache Tomcat Connector, note the requirements for IIS (Internet Information Services).


The regarding files for Apache Connector can be found on the WebOffice10.9-DVD:

WebOffice10.9-DVD\Software\Miscellaneous\Apache Tomcat Connectors\ApacheConnector_Tomcat85.zip



This is not a full version of Apache Tomcat Connectors but a modified package to use in combination with VertiGIS WebOffice 10.9 SP1!

VertiGIS GmbH tries to give you useful information at your hands to make installation and configuration of your system as easy as possible. Anyway VertiGIS GmbH is not able to give you warranty concerning the used open source software and its configuration.


Detailed information is provided on the website of Apache Tomcat: http://tomcat.apache.org/download-connectors.cgi