RegistrationReset.aspx to reset passwords

Via this page lost passwords can be sent by mail. To activate this function, the following settings for a mail server and activation link must be configured in the web.config file.


Activate the self registration

Activate the self registration



A mail server must be configured in order to use this functionality.


By calling http://<hostname>/UserManagementAdminWeb/RegistrationReset.aspx users can reset their passwords WebOffice usermanagement.


Reset Registration Page

Reset Registration Page


The content can be edited via the templates (in folder \UserManagementAdminWeb\Templates\SelfRegistration)







The following parameters can be used when calling the reset registration page:

&LANG=EN ... to call the GUI language

The reset registration page can be customized by using GeoUserMgmgtSR.css. By using the following html pages in the template directory <TemplateDirectory\> the reset registration page can be additionally customized. The html pages can be localized by using the 2digit language iso code (e.g. header.en.html,, ...).

Reset.header.html ... Header of reset registration page

Reset.footer.html ... Footer of reset registration page

Reset.confirmation.html ... Confirmation message of the reset registration page (allows @sub() expressions)

Reset.emailsubject.html ... Subject of the email sent by reset registration page (allows @sub() expressions)

Reset.emailbody.html ... Body of the mail sent by reset registration page (allows @sub() expressions)