Server Object Extension (SOE) - Functionalities

This chapter lists all functionalities in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 that depend on the Server Object Extension.



See chapter Install ArcGIS Server Object Extension for WebOffice and Activate SOE in a Map Service for an installation guide of the Server Object Extension.

The activation of Server Object Extension on the SynoutputService currently does not work on ArcGIS Pro based services.

See chapter Problems related to Server Object Extension for further details on problems related to the Server Object Extension.

If you do not find enough information for trouble shooting, please see chapter SOE Logging

The chapter Plot Process explains the workflow of the print process of WebOffice extensions and the effect it has on Server Object Extension.




User manual

WebOffice plot extension

Version Query

Map Services Tab

Available Layouts


Template (File Name)



WebOffice ePaper

Version Query

Map Services Tab

Available Layouts

WebOffice ePaper-Template (File name)



WebOffice extract server

Version Query

Map Services

Available Profiles

Export Profile

Export Profile Raster Data

Output Vector Data Export

Vector Data Export

Output Raster Data Export

Raster Data Export

Edit (via SOE)

Editing Layers



Edit Layers

Editing actions feature create, edit, delete, copy, merge, explode, cut, etc.

List of Available Edit Actions

Reading configured geo-transformations

ArcGIS Server Output Service

Reading configured projections

List of Projections

Extended map server information

Layer information

Expand/Collapse state of group themes

Table of Content

Formats of numeric fields

Selection Symbology

Selection Symbology

Labeling Engine

How to get Label Engine from Service

Reference Scale


3D Measuring

Measure Point

Measure Point

Measure Distance

Measure Distance

Measure Area

Measure Area


Output of Markups in Word-Export

Export map image

Output of Markups in Plot


Output of Markups in ePaper


Re-Projection of Raster data (Cache with Projection that is not primary map projection)

ArcGIS Server Service REST

ArcGIS Online-Service

Raster Data Query

Raster Info

Service Cleanup

Cleanup of Directories

Validation Datashare

Data Share

Upload (Uploading local Geodata)


Add local data

Layer Package

Add local data


Add local data


Add local data

XY Textfile

Add local data

Displaying Geoprocessing results (without ResultMapService)


Export Map Package (mobile plus)

Supply of MPK/TPK (German only)

Uploading georeferenced photos

Add Images

List of  currently via SOE available functionalities