The Display configuration specifies behavior of map display.


Display configuration

Display configuration




Reference scale 1:

Default scale used for displaying search results in the map.

Gets used if on layer level no explicit reference scale is set.


If Print Templates with Attribute Data are configured, the reference scale is also used as print scale.

Maximum scale 1:

Defines the maximum scale for zoom In tool.

It is not possible to zoom in beyond this scale


When working with cached services WebOffice 10.9 SP1 will only use the scales defined in the map service(s) or in the discrete scale levels.

Display margin

Specify the Display margin (relative to the overall envelope of the whole selection) that gets added to the right, left, top and bottom of the map extent for search result display. Value 0.1 adds 10% of the overall envelope of the whole selection to the displayed map extent.


Value for fixed pans in defined directions (function available in Navigation panel):

Use 1.0 for shifting the map extent by the full current map width/height

E.g. use 0.1 for shifting only 10% of current map extent with each pan step


Determines fixed zoom factor (function available in zoom slider of Navigation panel) to use for changing the current map scale.


This parameter is not supported for WebOffice clients that are built on top of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x. This affects the WebOffice core and WebOffice flex client.

Show info with zoom box?

Show info (length, width of new map extent, scale of new map extent) with zoom box.

Show info (segment length, area and angle) before placing the next segment with the editing and the measurement tool.

Extent history length

Extent history length.

Specifies the number of back steps available to use previous extents (function available in Navigation panel).

Show scale Dropdown

Scale control is displayed in the client tool bar (true), or hidden (false).

No is recommended if worldwide cached map services (WGS84) with scales not convenient for the user are displayed.


In WebOffice flex (flash) client and WebOffice flex this parameter will control if a numeric scale is shown in the widget with scale and coordinate information.

In WebOffice mobile client this parameter controls if the Zoom Slider in tablet mode is visible (true) or not (false) as well as map scale information in case parameter Show Information Bar? is set to true.

Map update seamless?

Specifies whether to use a seamless map update effect (fading) (true) or not (false).

Dynamic content with Pan?

Show (false) or hide (true) dynamic content while doing map pan?

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