Print Templates with Attribute Data

Configure Print Templates with Attribute Data to relate one or more configured Print Templates with a specific Search Result View. This is especially useful for print templates which contain an attribute table or one or more attribute fields which are layer specific (the layer specific attribute table respectively the attribute field in the print layout only get populated if the layer of the current selection matches).


Print templates with attribute data configuration

Print templates with attribute data configuration




Print template

Select one out of the configured print templates.

Print templates with attribute data properties


If the print template selected here has a configured Print Series element, it will influence the functionality in the WebOffice html client. See Print Selected Features for details.



See chapter Print for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Template (File Name) for details about the configuration of print templates.

See chapter Print Selected Features for the details about the function in the WebOffice core client.

See chapters Insert Layout Attribute and Insert Layout Attribute Table for details about using layer specific attribute data in print layouts.

See chapter Index plot based on feature geometry for more details about how to create an index plot based on an individually drawn graph.