ArcGIS Server Map Service

With an ArcGIS Server Map Service local ArcGIS Server map services (on premise) can be embedded into the project. Configure Map Service Properties for the service to manage several properties specifically for a certain service.


Whenever a new ArcGIS Server Map Service is added to the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project configuration

configure the corresponding Reference to Map Service of Map Collection in the table of content (mandatory)

configure the corresponding reference to map service of map collection in the Map View (optionally)


ArcGIS Server Map Service configuration

ArcGIS Server Map Service configuration




Service name (GUI)

Service name of the map service displayed in the GUI.

Metadata short description

Provide a short description for the metadata (line breaks with \n).


Service specific copyright text to be added to the configured project copyright if the map service contributes to the map.


The service specific copyright will only be displayed if the map element Copyright is configured.


Detailed information about the use of these attributes can be found in chapters Template (File Name) and WebOffice ePaper Template (File Name).

Metadata URL

Configure a reference to a metadata document (must be available via HTTP) as URL.


You may configure the unique Metadata document identifier (UUID) of a Catalog Service (CSW 2.0) here. In this case you must configure the SOAP interface of the Catalog Services in Metadata Display.

Check content?

Specifies if images will be checked for content availability within the requested scale (Yes) or if no content check will be performed (No). If there is not content available the higher available LOD Level are interpolated and displayed at lower resolution.


For this option the use of ArcGIS Server Map Service of version 10.2 or higher is required.

Show blank tiles?

Specifies if the placeholder image (depending on the map service e.g. a crossed out photo camera, or Map data not available at this zoom level) shall be displayed if a tile is not available.

If Yes is configured, the placeholder image is displayed, in case of No (default) no tile is displayed.

Service category

Group category for services displayed in the tool ArcGIS Service.


Specifies URL of ArcGIS Server map service (on premise).

Example for an ArcGIS Server Map Service: http://<myserver>/ArcGIS/rest/services/<myService>/MapServer

Example for an ArcGIS Online Map Service:

If you are connecting to an ArcGIS Server federated in a Portal for ArcGIS or are connecting to an ArcGIS Online service, be sure to use the service according to Esri Inc. Terms of Use! and


A map service may only be used once in a map collection. I.e. you have to configure a single map service as overview map for example.

Service user

User login for accessing the ArcGIS Server service (ArcGIS service user).


Password of user accessing ArcGIS Server service

Selection on all visible layers?

When using the option All visible Layers in the Client all Layers visible in the current scale ad set to visible are taken into consideration. A Layer configuration is not required, the ArcMap Layer Properties get used instead (Layer Name, visible Fields, Field order)

Max. extent for layer display

With query layers, the map area cannot be defined manually because it is always calculated automatically. Furthermore, the map area can also change dynamically by capturing additional features afterwards.

By selecting the value Service or Project it can be guaranteed that in WebOffice also newly captured objects are displayed outside the previous display area.

Server normalized

Normalized server URL

ArcGIS Server Map Service properties



An easy way to configure an ArcGIS Server Map Service is by using the wizard Add Service.

An ArcGIS Server Map Service can also be preconfigured for the tool Add ArcGIS Service in the list of ArcGIS Services.

The indication of the MapServer Endpoint URL has to be provided. The operations Map, Query and Data must be activated.


See chapter Map Service Properties for details about the configuration of map service properties.