Use the Copyright element to display copyright information on top of the map.


Copyright configuration

Copyright configuration




Copyright text

Copyright text to be displayed.


If you configured an Interval Triggered Map Update with a Timestamp, you can display the timestamp by adding the variable $TIMESTAMP$ to the text. E.g. © by VertiGIS Informationssysteme GmbH at $TIMESTAMP$



Font style

Font style.

Font size

Font size.

Coordinates in pixel

Coordinates of copyright text in pixel.

Basis (0 0) is bottom left in the main map window


Font color.

Outline color

Outline color of Copyright text.


Separator used for separating dynamic Copyright texts in print output.

,: the copyright texts are written in one line, separated by commas.

\n: every copyright text gets displayed in a new line.

Copyright properties



Additionally to the project specific copyright information that is displayed in the map, it is possible to configure service specific copyright texts to be shown on prints. These elements have to be defined on service level, e.g. in ArcGIS Server Map Service.


See chapter Main Map Display for the appearance of copyright information in the WebOffice core client.