WebOffice ePaper Template (File Name)

Use the WebOffice ePaper template (File Name) element for providing configuration properties for a specific WebOffice ePaper template document (.mrt file).


WebOffice ePaper template configuration

WebOffice ePaper template configuration




ePaper template name

WebOffice ePaper template name displayed in WebOffice core client.

Template ID

Template (file name without file extension) for WebOffice ePaper.


If e.g. the ePaper template file is Emergency.ePaperSample.mrt then you must configure the value Emergency.ePaperSample.

Default output format

Default ePaper output format.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

XLSX (Microsoft Excel)

DOCX (Microsoft Word)

RTF (Rich Text Format)

ODT (Open Office Text Document)

HTML (HTML Document)

DPI for ePaper (PDF)

Resolution (in DPI) for WebOffice ePaper (affects output format PDF only!).

The value is usually a multiple of 96 (192 or 288). The default value works with the screen resolution (96 DPI). Export with less than 96 DPI is not supported.

Suppress Copyright?

Specifies if the copyright display is suppressed in the WebOffice ePaper. Additionally, this configuration parameter provides the function field syn_copyright with correspondent multilingual information from the attribute Copyright of ArcGIS Server Map Service. The field syn_copyright can be used in print and ePaper templates where it is filled with the dynamic copyright text. The field syn_copyright is not to be changed by the user.


Prerequisite for the use of dynamic copyright texts is the configuration of the map element Copyright which is necessary to display any copyright text.

WebOffice ePaper template properties


Function Fields

For each WebOffice ePaper template it is possible to configure predefined function fields:

The set of predefined function fields comprise:

Print Title

Name of Organization

Address of Organization




There are also function fields that are not configurable in WebOffice author standalone but can be used on a WebOffice ePaper report by configuring them in the *.mrt file with WebOffice ePaper:

createdat_caption & createdat_value: The function field createdat_value writes the current time into the expression

scale_caption & scale_value: The function field scale_value writes the selected scale of the print output into the expression


Additionally, the following WebOffice ePaper function is available:

Map Assignment


Function fields provide dynamic text content to the WebOffice ePaper report. In order to get the contents of a function field provided in a WebOffice ePaper output file

the function field must be specified in the WebOffice ePaper template (*.mrt file) itself


the function field is referenced in the WebOffice ePaper template configuration in WebOffice author standalone (see subsequent chapters)


the function field is referenced in UserManagement Admin Web in Users, Groups or Print Profiles properties


the function field is referenced in the User Properties of the LDAP configuration in the Application Configuration.



However, if more than one of the three references exist, then the WebOffice ePaper template of the project configuration gets overruled by the properties of the WebOffice usermanagement, which itself gets overruled by the LDAP configuration.



See chapters Users, Groups and Print Profiles if you want to manage function fields with UserManagement Admin Web.

See chapter User Properties if you want to manage function fields with the LDAP configuration.

See ePaper author User Manual for details about working with WebOffice ePaper author.