What's New in WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1

This chapter lists all notes and information as well as new features and enhanced functions in WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1. WebOffice10.9 R2 SP1 also includes changes in Esri ArcGIS, Java SDK, Apache Tomcat and database support.

Notes and information



Please note the compatibility between WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1 and the basic software of Esri ArcGIS:

oArcGIS 2021 (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1, ArcMap 10.8.2, ArcGIS Pro 2.9.x) is the last supported ArcGIS release of WebOffice.

oArcGIS 2022 (ArcGIS Enterprise 11.x, ArcGIS Pro 3.x) will be not be supported in future WebOffice versions.

VertiGIS recommends the Esri product versions ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) 10.8.2 and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 as these are Long term releases from Esri Inc. Furthermore, it is recommended to use ArcGIS Pro 2.9.x.


You can find an overview of the new features in WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1 in the news article on our website.

Information about stability improvements and issues fixed with version WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1 can be found in the change log file at WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1 Updates.

Visit the VertiGIS Homepage for further details of our other products of VertiGIS GmbH.

The current range of functions of WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1 is listed in the Functionality Matrix.

WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1 supports the ArcGIS versions listed in Server-Side Requirements as well as the browser versions listed in Client-Side Requirements.

You will find more information on the upgrade in the chapter Upgrade WebOffice 10.9 R2 to 10.9 R2 SP1.


What's new


Chapter in User Manual


Upgrade to ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.25 (formerly known as ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.25)

WebOffice core Client,

WebOffice flex client

Support new Java version 11.0.19+7


Support new Apache Tomcat version 9.0.73

Apache Tomcat

WebOffice core client

Condition IN() for Querybuilder


Support for changing the font size and color in the Measure tool

Measure / Draw

Support for dedicated control of whether a field is to be initially activated in the Label Feature tool

Result Field List
Label Feature

WebOffice flex client

Selection of the default editing theme


Support for new input field type "value list unfilterable" on edit fields

Edit Field

Support for the parameter "Search form visible at start?" to provide the possibility that the predefined searches are collapsed at the start of the project


Support for changing the font size and color in the Measure tool


Custom Tool Trek2There in Flex Client


VertiGIS Printing

Support for index plot from a search result using Use as Indexline

VertiGIS Printing

Index plot based on feature geometry

Support for advanced scale bar configuration options

Scale Bar


SynAdmin: Support for copying the MAC address to the clipboard in the "License" tab

Licensing Requirements

Support for configuring whether and how the scale bar and the scale number are to be displayed or shown

Scale Bar

Main Map Display

Support for configuring whether the maximum extent of a layer should be determined by the layer, by the project or by the map service

ArcGIS Server Map Service

ArcGIS Server Feature Service

ArcGIS Server Vector Tile Service

ArcGIS Online Service

ArcGIS Server Image Service

Support for new parameter Read scale range? to ignore the often incorrect settings regarding visibility boundaries in WMS services

OGC Map Service (WMS)