With this tool Trak2There links can be generated. Trak2There is an Esri app for locating objects in the field with simple information about distance and direction. Via a simple custom tool the app can directly be called from WebOffice 10.9 SP1 by transmitting the desired coordinates.


(1) Web-Integration - custom tool

Configure a custom tool in the tool group web integration containing the following parameters:

URL of external page: pub/custom_tools/Trek2There-Links.htm

Tool icon: pub/images/extapp_map_pin.png

Tool icon (mobile): pub/images/mobile/extapp_map_pin.png

Visible in Client: All clients (Beware! Trek2There is currently not supported by the WebOffice flex client)




(2) Simple Custom Tool

Use a Simple Custom Tool - Click point.




(3) Trek2There in WebOffice flex client





In order to use this custom tool a local installation of the app Trek2There is required.



Please find further details about Trek2There in https://github.com/Esri/Trek2There.

See chapter Web Integration - Custom Tool for details about the configuration of custom tools in WebOffice author standalone.