This chapter deals with the installation and configuration of the VertiGIS Printing. This configuration is an optional possibility for printing in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 to the already known WebOffice extensions.


In a WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project, the printing with WebOffice extensions as well as the VertiGIS Printing can be configured and used.


This web tool based (older name GeoProcessing) printing functionality includes the following improvements or enhancements compared to printing with the WebOffice extensions:

Generation of printouts via a web tool, which can be accessed via the ArcGIS Server REST interface, referenced in the WebOffice project. Due to the 64bit architecture of ArcGIS Enterprise the known memory limitations of 32bit processes in (WebOffice extensions can be avoided)

Problems with the display of transparencies (with selection graphics, etc.) are also eliminated

Printing of ArcGIS feature services and vector tiles is now possible

Vectorized content provides good quality even at 96dpi screen quality

Improved performance is achieved when generating the print outputs.

Through the integration via a web tool the functionality is Esri platform-aligned

Independent installation from the used ArcGIS versions



Observe the notes and prerequisites before performing an installation in chapter Installation with Setup or Manual Setup (alternative).

Continue in chapter Migration of Existing Layout Templates to ArcGIS Pro if you want to continue using existing print templates.

Continue in chapter Configuration as Tool in WebOffice to be able to use the function in a WebOffice project.

More details about the configuration of print templates see the Printing Layout Designer manual.

For further information please contact your WebOffice Team.

Known limitations

Please note the following hints and known limitations when using the VertiGIS Printing.


If with Configuration of a dynamic legend the visible legend references are not available on the printout, then this may have the following cause: The dynamic map service layer may not be visible in the dynamic legend because an Esri bug for ArGIS Pro < 2.8 or ArcGIS Server/Enterprise < 10.9.1 has not been fixed.

In connection with VertiGIS Printing always use the latest version including all patches from ArcGISand WebOffice 10.9 SP1.

With the VertiGIS Printing based on ArcGIS GP service technology, VertiGIS recommends the use of ArcGIS Server Feature Services instead of ArcGIS Server Map Services. With Feature Services, you get a vectorized (and no longer rasterized) representation of the map content on the printout in PDF, as well as better print quality at the same time. A visualization of Feature Services in WebOffice is possible since version WebOffice 10.7.

If the service is cached, the PrintingTools service could use a resolution that is much too low for large formats or high print quality (for example 96 dpi). If you wish to generate a map export with a much higher resolution, the recommendation here is to switch to Dynamic Layer or generally to ArcGIS Pro based services. For more details, see:

The print template categories are not yet implemented in the VertiGIS Printing (see List of Plot Template Categories).


Continue with the installation of VertiGIS Printing in the chapter Installation with Setup.

What's New in WebOffice 10.9 R3

VertiGIS Printing is now the new name for the new Printing Engine. Till the last release it was known as VertiGIS Printing Tools.

Another function known from the WebOffice Extensions Printing has been added in WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1:

   Support for attribute tables, including for objects selected in WebOffice

  Configure PAGX Print Template for Export of Static Tables


More information about new features in WebOffice 10.9 R3, can be found in the Changelog file in the new WebOffice10.9-DVD.

What's New in WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1

Another function known from the WebOffice Extensions Printing has been added in WebOffice 10.9 R2 SP1:

   Support for index plot from a search result using Use as Indexline

What's New in WebOffice 10.9 R2

More functions from the WebOffice Extensions Printing have been added in WebOffice 10.9 R2:

Support for printing (single print, serial print, index print) in different coordinate systems as List of Projections

Support for printing with activated time slider controller restriction


To be able to use this function without errors, at least ArcGIS Pro 2.8 2.9.x and ArcGIS Server/ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 is required.

Support for static layout attribute tables

Support to include the legend of all visible layers and not only all configured layers

What's New in WebOffice 10.9 SP2

In WebOffice10.9 SP2 a number of extensions from the WebOffice Extensions Printing have also been implemented for the VertiGIS Printing.

There are new print layouts available for the directory VertiGIS_PrintLayouts (by default under C:\arcgisserver\directories\VertiGIS_PrintLayouts).

The list of legend layers configured in Legends Layer now also applies to the VertiGIS Printing Tools if the parameter All Topics? is set to False. This means that in this case only the layers configured there will be displayed in the legend.

The possibilities for saving and loading the Print area are now also available for the VertiGIS Printing Tools.

Support for the new parameter operationalLayers to allow plug-ins, add-ons etc. like Web CODI to pass their own objects to the print request

Support for the following additional output formats: AIX, BMP, EMF, TGA and TIFF