List of Projections

Configure a list of projectionsto make user-defined projections available for printing with VertiGIS Printing.


Below the list of projections, configure the Projection element to specify projections parameters for target projections. Provide EPSG code if available, or the parameter of the coordinate system.


Configuration of a projection in the list of projections

Configuration of a projection in the list of projections




Projection ID/String

Specify either the EPSG code (if available) or the coordinate system parameters (easiest from a .prj file).


Projection name appearing in the user interface.


The herein used project description is the same as the one used to fill in the Non-Configurable Function Field syn_crs in a print template.woas_print_Template_File_Name

Transformation Code/String

Geographic transformation code. Codes are also listed here: <ArcGIS_Desktop_Installations_Verzeichnis>\Documentation\geographic_transformations.pdf or by using the VertiGIS Projection Helper.

Result precision

Specifies how many digits after the comma should be used for display of double values.

Output format

Defines the output format:

decimal output as double. The number of decimal places is determined by the Result precision.

degree output in degrees (DD°MM'SS.NN''). The number of digits of the seconds is defined by the Result precision

degree_decimal_minutes provides the output in (GG°MM,NN'') format. The number of digits of the minutes is defined by the Result precision


A higher number of decimal places than in format degree is required to achieve a comparable precision.

<latitude/longitude> in clipboard

Specifies whether the coordinates in the form <width length

> (Yes) or <length width> (No) should be transferred to the clipboard.


Note that Google Maps, for example, uses the format <length width>.

This function has an effect only with geographic coordinate systems (e.g. WGS84).

Projection category

Determination of the affiliation to a corresponding List of Projection Categories in the tool Search Coordinates.

Projection properties



See the HowTo chapter Configure Projections for a detailed description of a projection configuration.