Configure a Dynamic Legend image element to enable dynamic legends for printing


Dynamic legend configuration

Dynamic legend configuration




All layers?

Specify whether WebOffice 10.9 SP1 shall use all layers of the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project configuration for dynamic legend printing (Yes) or not (No).

If No is selected, every layer that shall contribute to the dynamic legend has to be configured as a child element.

Show Legend from WMS/WMTS Services?

Specifies if all Legends from all the WMS/WMTS Services should be shown. When (true) all Legends from all WMS/WMTS Services are shown.

When (false) only the Legends of the WMS/WMTS Services which are referenced by the Dynamic Legend Element will be shown.

configuration legend



By right clicking on Dynamic Legend > New > Add all layers as legends layers it is possible to add all layers from all configured map services as legend layers to the list.



See HowTo chapter Configure a Dynamic Legend for details about the necessary steps to enable dynamic legends.

A Dynamic Legend element also has to be configured on the Template (File Name).