Configuration as tool in WebOffice

After VertiGIS Studio Printing Engine has been set up correctly and published as a Geoprocessing Service, it can be configured in a WebOffice 10.9 R3 project. The REST URL to the corresponding GP service (Web Tool) must be specified on the VertiGIS Printing tool.


The reference refers to the folder VertiGIS_Utilities with the respective Tasks for:

VertiGIS Print Task

Get Layout Templates Info Task

Get Index Info

Get Product Info Task



For more details on the configuration of VertiGIS Printing tool, see chapter VertiGIS Printing.


The naming of the folder structures and task names, etc. must be strictly observed. For more details see the previously mentioned steps of this HowTo. If the service is secured, a service user and password must be specified.



If you had already configured the %COMPANY_PRINTING_TOOLS% in a %WEBOFFICE% project before an upgrade, it is absolutely necessary to compare the IDs of the GP tasks in the project configuration with those of the GP service and to adjust them in the project configuration if necessary.




Subsequently, one or more templates can be configured.



If no Template (filename) is configured, all available print templates will be shown in the client. More details for the configuration of the print templates can be found here: Printing Layout Designer.