The tool VertiGIS Printing allows the user to create high-quality print documents in various file output formats, sizes and resolutions based on a geoprocessing service.

For example, the PrintingTools provided by default during ArcGIS Server installation can be used as geoprocessing service, or the VertiGIS Printing geoprocessing service.



More details about using tool VertiGIS Printing with VertiGIS Printing geoprocessing service see Configuration as tool in WebOffice.

For information about installing VertiGIS Printing see chapter Installation with Setup.


If you want to use the default ArcGIS Server PrintingTools, assign the value Export Web Map Task for the attribute Identifier of the geoprocessing task in the configuration.

However, if you want to use the VertiGIS Printing Tools, assign in the configuration those GP tasks which are described in chapter Configuration as a tool in WebOffice.


ArcGIS Server standard PrintingTool

ArcGIS Server standard PrintingTool


The ArcGIS Server PrintingTool include the following templates by default:

A3 (portrait/landscape)

A4 (portrait/landscape)

Letter ANSI A (portrait/landscape)

Tabloid ANSI B (portrait/landscape)

only map



The templates for this PrintingTool will be read from the ArcGIS Server installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\Templates\ExportWebMapTemplates). ESRI does not recommend changing these templates or adding additional templates (see Instead, use the VertiGIS Printing Tools to use custom print templates.


The PrintingTool supports the following output formats:











Output formats may be configured for the PrintingTool in Print File Output Formats.


Esri print configuration

Esri print configuration




Default output format

Specifies the default output format used for VertiGIS Printing.

Allow rotated print?

Defines if the user is allowed to rotate the print extent in the tool form.

Show print resolution?

Defines whether the checkbox for High Resolution print shall be displayed on the client (true / default) or not (false). Without the checkox, the attribute Do high resolution print by default? on the selected print tempate defines the resolution for printing.

Use tool?

Control if this tool is available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients or not.

VertiGIS Printing properties



In certain scenarios, a secured WMS service within a group cannot be printed. In this case, please use the %BUILD% default Print.

The scenario that both, the VertiGIS Printing and the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 default Print are configured, is possible with WebOffice 10.9 SP1 but is not an officially supported scenario.



VertiGIS Printing does not offer as many functionalities as WebOffice print. For details on configuration in WebOffice author standalone see chapter Print.