Template (File Name)

Use the Template (File Name) element for providing configuration properties for a specific print template and its related print template document (.layout file) as well as printing (Legacy) tool form default settings.



Some VertiGIS Printing functions require ArcGIS version 10.4.1 or higher.

Custom Function Fields are only available for WebOffice plot and VertiGIS Printing.


Configuration of a print template

Configuration of a print template




Print template name

Print template name displayed in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients.

Template ID

Template ID of a VertiGIS Printing template.

Corresponds to the file name of the layout file (.pagx) without specifying the file extension.

If e.g. the print template file is named A4_portrait.pagx, then the template ID is A4_portrait, i.e. the file name without extension.


The templates for this PrintingTool will be read from the ArcGIS Server installation directory (e.g. C:\arcgisserver\directories\VertiGIS_PrintLayouts).

Do not use any special characters in the print template file name like ä, ö, ü, ß etc.

Print scales

Optionally specifies the available print scales and the preselected (default) print scale.

Print scale values get delimited by |, so if you e.g. want to provide a choice of print scales 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10000 then use 1000|2500|5000|10000.


The first value provided in the list of values gets preselected.

Use the following values for preselecting special predefined print scales:

oCE: current extent

oCS: current scale

oFS: no scale will be preselected when provided as first value (free scale)

Use the variable FS only in combination with the parameter Allow Free Scale? set to true.

Example: When defining the print scales FS|CS|5000|10000 the user will have the option to choose between current extent as well as the scales 5000 and 10000. Additionally, none of the predefined scales will be preselected and the user may enter a free scale.

Allow Free Scale?

Specifies whether the user is allowed to define a free print scale on projects with predefined scale levels (true) or not (false/default).

DPI resolution

Resolution for print out (in DPI) when choosing high resolution in Printing (Legacy) tool form.

The value is usually a multiple of 96 (192 or 288). The low resolution print out works with screen resolution (96 DPI).

Do high resolution print by default?

Specifies whether to check the high resolution option in Printing (Legacy) tool form for this print format by default or not.

Template unit

Unit that was used to define the size of the template.

It must correspond to the unit that was set in Arcmap when the template was saved.

See the ArcMap setting under ArcMap Options > Layout View -> Rulers > Units.

Legend switchable?

Specifies whether the user is allowed to decide whether a legend shall be printed or not.

This value is only used if the current template supports printing a legend.

Legend default status?

Specifies whether per default a legend shall be printed or not.

This value is only used if the current template supports printing a legend.

If Legend switchable? is active, the user will be able to overrule this value in the GUI.

Plot template category

Display group for plot template category

Template (File Name) properties



VertiGIS Printing does not offer as many functionalities as WebOffice print. For details on configuration in WebOffice author standalone see chapter Print.