The Scale Bar gets displayed on top of the main map. If no unit label is defined then m is used instead as default.


Scale bar configuration

Scale bar configuration




Unit label

Unit label shown in the scale bar.

Distance in pixel

Distance of the scale bar to the bottom right of the map.

Coordinate base (0 0) is bottom right.

Length of Scale bar [% of map]

Length of scale bar in percent of the map image width.

Height in pixel

Height of scale bar in pixels.

Color of scale bar

Color of scale bar.

Color of scale bar segment

Color of scale bar segment.

Outline color

Background color of scale bar.



Font size

Font size.

Font color

Font color.

Font style

Font style.

Scalebar units

Units used for calculation of scale bar separators and scale bar length caption.


If this field is empty, then the map unit will be used for representation of the scale bar.


widget: The scalebar will be displayed
scale: The scalebar will not be displayed, the scale will be displayed in the form of "Scale 1:xxxx" in the "mapinfo"-area on the bottom right (similar to the coordinates)widget and scale: Both, scalebar and scale will be displayed

Scale bar configuration



For printing a scale bar you must insert a scale bar Layout element in the ArcMap Layout.


See chapter Main Map Display for the appearance of scale bar in the WebOffice core client.