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Simple Thematic Mapping

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Using the Simple Thematic Mapping configuration users can change layer symbology on the fly. The principle of the Simple thematic mapping functionality is to apply a symbology style in terms of a layer file to a specific layer of a dynamic map service.


Be aware that it is necessary to activate Dynamic Workspaces on the service that is to be used for simple thematic mapping. Open ArcGIS Server Manager and navigate to the Service, then Capabilities and check the box Allow per request modification of layer order and symbology.


Activate dynamic workspaces on the concerned map service

Activate dynamic workspaces on the concerned map service


Currently, WebOffice 10.8 SP2 supports the following symbols:

Simple Fill Symbol

Simple Line Symbol

Text Symbol (in combination with annotation)

Simple Marker Symbol

Character Marker Symbol


Not supported are the following symbols:

Picture Marker Symbol

Multilayer Symbol

Picture Fill Symbol

Marker Fill Symbol

Line Fill Symbol


Note: Currently, WebOffice 10.8 SP2 supports the following renderer: SimpleRenderer, UniqueRenderer and ClassBreaksRenderer.


To ensure a minimum level of functionality for Character Marker Symbols, WebOffice 10.8 SP2 converts Character Marker Symbols to Picture Marker Symbols. As a consequence, the vector advantages of the Character Marker Symbols are lost. As Picture Maker Symbol are graphic (raster) elements, that there could be a rasterization in connection with a reference scale. It is not recommended to use the unsupported Character Marker Symbols in connection with a reference scale for thematic mapping.


Add the Simple Thematic Mapping element below the ArcGIS Layer you want to provide additional mappings for. Then define one or more styles that point to a layer file that is saved on the GIS Server (e.g. <ArcGIS Server location>\directories\WebOfficeLayerFiles).


Simple thematic mapping configuration

Simple thematic mapping configuration




Style name

Specifies the name that will be displayed in the user interface (GUI).

File path to layer file

The layer file specifies the symbology of the layer to be used.

Note: The configured file path will get resolved on the ArcGIS Server machine. It must therefore be a valid file path on the GIS Server and accessible by the local ArcGIS account (e.g. <ArcGIS Server location>\directories\WebOfficeLayerFiles). 

Simple thematic mapping properties



Note: Due to performance reasons VertiGIS recommends to administer layer for thematic mapping in "slight" map services (a low number of layer).

Note: WebOffice 10.8 SP2 does not support any custom renderers in layer files.

Note: The WebOfficeDataShare directory is a prerequisite for this tool. See chapter List of Data Share Directories for details.

Note: See chapter Simple Thematic Mapping for details how to use simple thematic mapping in the WebOffice core client.