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The WebOffice author standalone edit menu provides specific entry points into your currently opened project configuration. There are five categories of entry points:

Project Category: Saves the project

Common Category: All relevant configurations on project level

WebOffice Category: WebOffice 10.8 SP2 specific configurations

Maps Category: All configurations that are relevant for the maps

Extern Category: External services like Geolocators, Network analysis or WFS-services

Core Category: WebOffice core client specific configurations (Ribbons, Quick tools, Time awareness)




WebOffice: Edit project




Menu Item



Save project

Saves the current project


Entire project configuration

Shows the entire configuration of your project


Common Settings

Used for configuring properties of the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project itself like e.g. the name displayed in the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 clients.

Using user name and password, a simple access restriction can be configured.



In the common settings important properties like the e-mail of the system administrator can be configured.


Customer Information

Using Customer information names, logos and URL's displayed in the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 clients can be configured. This is used to quickly implement some aspects of corporate identity/corporate design guide.


Database Connections

If you need direct access to relational database tables (e.g. for querying tables, for relating layers with tables via join (1 : 1) or relate (1 : N) relation or for using lookup tables) then you can configure JDBC database connections here.

Note: Configuring a database connection does not mean installing the JDBC database driver. This has to be done separately by the system administrator on the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 application server machine.



Used for configuring relational tables you want to use in your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project (e.g. for querying tables, for relating layers with tables via join (1 : 1) or relate (1 : N) relation or for using lookup tables).


List of geo bookmarks

Geo-bookmarks enable administrators to specify a set of geographical extents and name them. Users are able to choose from the list of geo-bookmarks.


Project Configuration

Used for configuring the most important aspects of a WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project, like certain default values, extent information etc.



Here you can configure which tools will be available in the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 clients and for each tool you can specify certain details or required base information.



Here you can configure all layer specific properties related to query, selection, result display etc. This entry point is perhaps the most often used one.



Used for configuration the table of content for controlling the map collection of this WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project.



Define if tools are prioritized or not, meaning whether they should be placed in the toolbar at prominent position or located under More tools...



Entry point for configuring print templates, output formats and template specific function fields.


Snap Layers

Use this for configuring snap layers to use for exact measuring and exact usage of selection tools.



Configure edit layers to provide editing functionality for your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project. Define which layers, fields are editable and which edit actions are to be available.



Used for configuration of raster layers containing elevation data: elevation, slope and aspect.



Entry point to create filter condition for your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project.



Entry point for configuring WebOffice ePaper templates and template specific function fields.


Full-Text Search

Define here all project specific settings regarding the full-text search. Where should the full-text search be located in the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project, maximum suggestions, etc.


Map Elements

Used for configuring all map elements like map services in the Map Collection, ArcGIS Server Geometry Service, Overview map service, ArcGIS Server Output Service and graphic elements that get displayed on top of the map like North arrow, Scale bar, Copyright etc.


Map Collection

Used for configuring map services included in the Map collection and properties of the Map collection itself.


Map Views

Use this for configuring Map views (Representation models).



Geolocators provide a simple one line address search comparable to Google or Microsoft Bing address searches.



Geolocators provide a simple one line address search comparable to Google or Microsoft Bing address searches.


Network Analysis

The network analysis allows you to solve common network problems, such as finding the best route through a city, finding the closest emergency vehicle or facility, identifying a service area around a location, servicing a set of orders with a fleet of vehicles, or choosing the best facilities to open or close.


WFS Services

Configure WFS Services element to use any external WFS service in your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project.



Ribbons are graphical elements combining the classical menu bar and the toolbar to one single menu on top of the GUI. By using customized ribbons user can find their functions for certain work flows much easier.

Ribbons can be used to simplify work processes of users by providing only necessary tools. Within a ribbon it is possible to build logical groups of tools. By using ribbons specific workflows or activities can be represented, e.g. such as activity Add data, workflow Edit, etc.


Quick tools

By using quicktools frequently used functionality can be provided for the user of your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 projects in a simple and quick way. Your WebOffice 10.8 SP2 application delivers three quicktools by default, that can be used and adapted for your projects.


Time awareness

With WebOffice 10.8 SP2 it is possible to visualize transformations using a time slider. Through this slider it is possible to select different dates or periods and the time-related content will be shown accordingly in the map image.

WebOffice author standalone menu edit project


Note: Ribbons, Quick tools and time awareness are only available in WebOffice core.