OGC Map Service (WMTS)

WebOffice 10.9 SP1 supports also OGC Map Service WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) among WMS (Web Map Service) for fetching and displaying tiled maps. As subelements of an OGC map service (WMTS) it is possible to configure

Map Service Properties

ArcGIS Server Service Output Service



WebOffice 10.9 SP1 provides full support for WMS services and WMTS services, provided by ArcGIS Server. The projection of the main map service and the WMTS service can be different. In this case, the WMTS service will be projected on-the-fly into a dynamic map image.

Due to a very small amount of actually published Web Map Tile Services VertiGIS is improving the stability of the WMTS implementation step by step. If you have troubles using a WMTS with WebOffice 10.9 SP1, please contact your corresponding WebOffice support team and provide access information.

The ArcGIS Server Output Service will be used for output and extended server functionality (print, ePaper, extract server but also raster reprojection and editing). It is mandatory to configure a central ArcGIS Server Output Service in the map elements. This output service can be overwritten for tools/functions through a specific configuration at the according position (i.e., a specific output service in the Printing (Legacy) tool). The output service must always provide an Activated Server Object Extension.

Configure a specific output service for an OGC map service (WMTS) whenever you need to reproject the OGC map service (WMTS). This way, other functionality that needs the central output service will remain unaffected.

If no map image of the OGC map service is displayed, the system automatically tries to retrieve the tiles from another subdomain after a few seconds, if one exists.


Whenever a new OGC map service (WMTS) is added to the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project configuration

configure the corresponding Reference to Map Service of Map Collection in the table of content (mandatory)

configure the corresponding reference to map service of map collection in the Map View (optionally)


OGC Map Service (WMTS) configuration

OGC Map Service (WMTS) configuration





Specifies host name or IP address of the map server.


For using OGC WMTS Services the whole service address (URL) must be entered (GetCapabilities Request). Specify the path to the WMTS-capabilities.xml and the layer.

e.g. http://<server>/<path_to_xml>/<WMTS-capabilities>.xml?layer=<layer>

By default in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 the parameters inspire, layer_id, login, map, name, ogc_ticket, pw, service_name are allowed in the URL, any other parameters will be ignored. Although the list of parameters can be expanded in OGC Parameter Whitelist.

Service name (GUI)

Service name of map service displayed in GUI.

Metadata URL

Allows you to store a reference to a metadata document (htm, html, pdf, jpg, etc.) in the form of an URL. The metadata document must be accessible via HTTP.


You may configure the unique Metadata document identifier (UUID) of a Catalog Service (CSW 2.0) here. In this case you must configure the SOAP interface of the Catalog Services in Metadata Display.

Metadata short description

Provide a short description for the metadata


Line breaks can be achieved by using \n.


Service specific copyright text to be added to the configured project copyright if the map service contributes to the map.


The service specific copyright will only be displayed if the map element Copyright is configured.


Detailed information about the use of these attributes can be found in chapters Template (File Name) and WebOffice ePaper Template (File Name).

Show legend?

Specifies if it's possible to display the legend of the service, if the service provides a legend information.


The WM(T)S service has to support the GetLegendGraphic operation.

Most detailed scale level

The most detailed scale level specifies to which scale level maps are available (this most detailed scale level can depend on the displayed area).


The WebMercator tiling scheme comprises 23 levels, level 1 is the most general (whole world), level 23 the most detailed with a scale of about 1:70, i.e. configuration values from 0 to 23 are valid. 0 specifies to request maps for any scale. If a value between 1 and 23 is configured, WebOffice will only request maps down to the configured most detailed scale level.

Use like dynamic service?

Specifies, whether the service is used like a dynamic map service (Yes) or not (No).


Can be useful for the following matters:

oIgnoring the tiling schemes of a map service in order to use scales, that are not included in the tiling scheme

oOSM services only expose cached behavior in the original OSM coordinate system, therefore this attribute is relevant in that case only

If the tiling scheme is ignored, the tiles of the service can no longer be retrieved directly from the client, but dynamic images must be createtd (display takes longer)

Check content?

Specifies if images are to be checked for content availability in the corresponding scale. In the case of no content, higher lod levels are displayed at a lower resolution.

Tiles for use with HD displays?

Tile size differs from the tiling scheme (for example using 512 pixels instead of 256 defined in the capabilities document). To display them correctly, set this option to Yes.


This is a WebOffice flex specific parameter.

Layer encoding?

Defines if special Characters (e.g üöäÜÖÄß etc.) in the OGC Layer Names are sent as URL encoded Characters.

Tile URL Transformation?

Defines if the URLs for requesting Tiles in the Service Capabilities Response should be transformed to the local Service Endpoint for the WebOffice core resp. the WebOffice flex Client. A Transformation is e.g. not desired, if a Tile Access does not require Authentification, but the Access of the Service Capabilities. The Value of this Field has no effect if the Service is not secured.

Tile Matrix Set

If the service defines several Tile Matrix Sets for a certain layer, a specific Tile Matrix ID can be defined here. If no value is defined the default Tile Matrix Set will be used

Server normalized

Shows the normalized WMTS URL (will be filled automatically).

Service user

User name of user accessing OGC map service.


If a domain user is used for accessing the service, then the windows domain needs to be provided in the format domain\user. If no domain is configured then authentification is done locally.


Password of user accessing OGC map service.

User Agent Header

Defines the value of the HTTP User Agent Header for server-side requests.

Referer Header

Defines the value of the HTTP User Agent Header for server-side requests.

OGC Map Service (WMTS) properties



An easy way to configure an OGC map service (WMS) is by using the wizard Add Service  in WebOffice author standalone.

If your application does not have direct access to the internet, be sure to configure your proxy settings in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application configuration for proper OGC WMTS functionality. See chapter Proxy-Server for HTTP Requests.


See chapter Map Service Properties for details about the configuration of map service properties.

See chapter ArcGIS Server Output Service for details about the configuration of ArcGIS Server Output Services.

See chapter Legend for details about a WMTS legend in the WebOffice core client.