Thematic Full-Text Search

Configure the Thematic Full-Text Search in order to allow the configuration of a full-text search only for a specific layer. This means a targeted search in only one text field for all attributes of a defined layer can be performed. Moreover, the thematic full-text search has a better performance for querying than the global full-text search.



A thematic full-text search index is only available for one project. So it is not possible to access the same index with another, identical project.

The thematic full-text search will only work if there is a configured attribute External Layer-ID on the superior node Query.


Thematic full-text search configuration

Thematic full-text search configuration




Name for thematic full-text query

Localized name for thematic full-text query

Show detailed results?

Specifies whether the results of this thematic full-text search shall be displayed in Search Result (Yes, default) or in the Result of Full-Text Search (No).

Search operator

Specifies how the search input from the user is applied.

Using the AND-operator, all given words must be matched, while using the OR-operator also returns results that only match some of the given words.


See also the setting Word Delimiters of the full-text search in the application configuration.


This setting will be overruled, if the operator AND or OR is used between two search words directly in the search input.

Thematic full-text search properties


After configuring a thematic full-text search the subindex has to be calculated. It can be found in SynAdmin in the full-text search tab under the name of the External Layer-ID.


Thematic full-text search subindex

Thematic full-text search subindex


The displayed search result view for the thematic full-text search will be the one which is configured first in the List of Search Result Views. In case this search result view is restricted for another function (MapTip, Free Labeling, Custom Tool) the next in the list will be used. If there does not exist a search result view at all, all visible fields of the MXD will be displayed in the search result.



The full-text search web application has to be installed in order to provide full-text search functionality. Make sure you have read the chapter WebOffice FTS-Index and installed the required components.

See chapter Full-Text Search for details about the full-text search configuration in the application configuration.

See chapter Full-Text Search for details about the full-text search configuration in the project configuration.

See chapter Full-Text Search Tab for details about the full-text search tab in SynAdmin.

It is also possible to group individual thematic full text searches. For more details see chapter Full-text search.

See chapter Quicksearch for details about the full-text search in the WebOffice core client.

When encountering problems related to the full-text search, follow the troubleshooting described in chapter Problems Related to Full-Text Search.