The results list is hidden by default. However, it is automatically displayed below the map with each search result. The results list provides many functionalities to make the handling of the current selection simple and efficient. Similar to desktop applications

context menu functionalities (right mouse button - Move to Feature, print features etc.) are available.

the result list can be sorted according to a specific column (by clicking on it) and

Additional buttons to the left of each line of the result list enable the user to transfer parameterized calls to other Web applications and/or call linked tables, for example.



Results list in WebOffice WebOffice core Client



Search Result Overview


1.The title of the result list is set dynamically and can be configured in the WebOffice 10.5 SP2 project.

2.closing the result list

3.display/hide the results list

4.The Layer Result toolbar is located at the bottom of the results list.

5.On the right-hand side you will find the number of available and selected objects in the current result list.

6.Activate sorting by simply clicking on a specific column. Another click on the same column reverses the sort order.

7.If configured, you can perform a neighbourhood search here.


The user can select and display one, several or all rows of the results list. Each line represents an object found. The text in the cells can be selected and copied to the clipboard.


Note: With the CTRL key held down, you can select different results and thus define your own selection.



Select various objects using the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys


Note: For further information on all available buttons see chapter Layer Result Toolbar

Note: For more information on the options in the results list, see the Topic Layer Result.

Note: For more information about the search result of multiple layers, see chapter Result Overview

Note: For more information about configuring result lists and result fields in the WebOffice author, see Chapter List of Search Result Views.