The Query element contains all query specific configuration properties:

search field list

predefined queries

search results


One layer may have multiple predefined queries as well as multiple search results.


Query configuration

Query configuration




Name of generic query

Name displayed in the generic query (query builder) form of the WebOffice core client.


Go through chapter Queries to see how the query builder works in the WebOffice core client.

Default query

Default query used for this Layer. The default query property is used if the layer is activated (set to active/selected).

Query builder enabled?

Specifies whether generic query (Query builder) functionality is available or not.


Go through chapter Querybuilder to see how the query builder works in the WebOffice core client.

See also chapter Generic Search - Value List Behavior for further configuration parameters regarding the query builder.


By default with the query builder it is possible to search in the current map extent only. If you want to provide this function for predefined queries as well, set the parameter Permit Spatial Attributive Search Function in chapter Query - Where Clause.

Access control ID:

Access control ID needed for access control based on WebOffice usermanagement module.

If an ID is configured here (e.g. QUERYBUILDER_OWNER) and WebOffice usermanagement module is used then the user role is checked whether it provides the necessary application right or not (according to the example the application right would be QUERYBUILDER_OWNER). If the necessary application right is not available then the query builder will not be available in WebOffice 10.9 R3 for the corresponding layer/table.

Default search result

Default search result used for displaying results of search requests submitted by the user in the query builder form.

Search category (query builder)

Display group if query builder is enabled.

Maximum hits

Specifies the maximum count of hits shown in the search result. If the search request exceeds the configured Max hits count then the search request is canceled. A notification is shown to the user.

Create index for global full-text search

Specifies whether this search configuration shall be considered for the creation of the global full-text search index.


See the HowTo chapter WebOffice FTS-Index for details.


Full-text search is currently available for Layers, but not for tables.

Result weighting (FTS)

Defines the weighting of features of this layer, when they appear as results of a full-text search. For each found result of a full-text search, a result-score that indicates how well the results corresponds to the search text is calculated by Solr. In the suggestions, results with a high result-score appear on the top. The result-score of a feature is multiplied with the weighting factor that can be defined here.

For weighting, only values > 0.0 are allowed, values > 10.0 are not recommended. The default value is 1.0 (no weighting). A weighting between 0.0 and 1.0 lowers the result-score of features of this layer. A weighting > 1.0 increases the result-score of features of this layer. Examples of meaningful values are 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 or 5.0.


After changing the result weighting, the corresponding full-text search subindices must be recalculated.

Full-text search is currently available for layers, but not for Tables.

External Layer-ID

The specified external layer ID is used to provide a unique identifier (to be used as values for parameters layerid or query) for external search requests on this layer.


External layer IDs may not contain spaces or special characters. Only combinations of the following letters and numbers are permitted or are intended to be used:

A to Z (uppercase letters)

A to z (lowercase letters)

0 to 9 (numeric characters)


See chapter WebOffice URL Call Interface for details.

Check consistency?

Specifies whether to check the count of passed object keys with the count of found object keys when using external parametrized calls to WebOffice (URL Call Interface). If the two counts are not conform, the passed but not found object keys will be listed in a notification in the WebOffice core client.

Search values in cache?

If false then search form value lists are to be built for each user session. If true then WebOffice 10.9 R3 can cache the values of search fields, that do not depend on user values (not in any hierarchy).

Filtering search (for query builder)

Specifies whether the filtering search in the query builder will be activated (Yes) or not (No). A filtering search only displays found object in the map.

Query properties