Optimize Plot Performance

Geoprocessing Metadata in Enterprise Geodatabases

One recommendation is to perform the following performance optimization on the system:

Performance: Geoprocessing Metadata in Enterprise Geodatabases

Under certain conditions, this optimization can significantly reduce the time of the printing (Legacy) process.


Optimize SynOutputService

Configure Antialiasing to Normal - see chapter Publish the SynOutputService

This setting improves the result when using uploaded data and map export with markups.


Adjust the settings for WebOffice extensions Service

In the configuration file of the WebOffice Extensions Service various parameters can be adapted and optimized. For a detailed description of the parameters see chapter Configure WebOffice Extensions Service (optional)


Increase maximum memory for the Server Object Extension

If the output does not succeed caused by some memory issues, try to increase the maximum memory - see chapter Increase Maximum Memory for SOE


Optimize MXD

Optimize the ArcMap document with Mxdperfstat - see chapter Optimize the ArcMap Document with Mxdperfstat


Add extension user to group Performance Log Users'

This setting should help if the printing process in a WebOffice project takes too long - see chapter Add extension user to group Performance Log Users'


Check if the user under which the WebOffice extensions is running, has access to the directory <ArcGIS Server location>\directories\WebOfficeDataShare

The user under which the WebOffice extensions is running must have access to the <ArcGIS Server location>\directories\WebOfficeDataShare in order that the images can be placed in the folder WebOfficeDataShare. If it is not the case, images can not be stored and must be kept in the memory.


Example of a warning in the log file:

#2017-01-04 10:01:08,599 WARN  [ajp-apr-8009-exec-9             ] Testprojekt                         D882841E19380E89C60B30F9591B7ED0 422931714 E741074453T468592  

GIS Server handshake failed for share: [gisserver-path: C:\arcgisserver\directories\WebOfficeDataShare | app-server-path: C:\arcgisserver\directories\WebOfficeDataShare]

- Please check if Data Share is well configured (Accounts, Access Permissions, etc.). For further information see weboffice manual.