Optimize the ArcMap Document with Mxdperfstat

Mxdperfstat is an MXD diagnostics tool. It is executable for different scales and provides reports with statistics and recommendations for optimization.


You can download Mxdperfstat here: https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=a269d03aa1c840638680e2902dadecac


The tool is started via the command line with several parameters:


-MXD name (mandatory)

-Scale (optional)

-Coordinates (optional)

-Screen width (optional)


The mxdperfstat command looks like this:

mxdperfstat10.2 -mxd <DocumentName.mxd> [-scale scale1;scale2;...]

[-xy <x;y>] -width <screen width> -height <screen height>


Starting mxdperfstat in cmd.exe

Starting mxdperfstat in cmd.exe



See the UserGuide.doc.pdf file that comes along with the Mxdperfstat tool for detailed information.


The result of the analysis is stored in an XML file and can be viewed in browser window.


Mxdperfstat analysis result

Mxdperfstat analysis result


It is recommended to do one report for your specified scale levels before serving an MXD.