In order to use the Buffer in the WebOffice map widget testcontainer just activate the function in Tools. Before using the buffer tool in the WebOffice map widget, you have to pre-select any feature with any other tool (Queries, Identify, Select Area, Select Line, Add Remove).


WebOffice map widget testcontainer - Buffer

WebOffice map widget testcontainer - Buffer


Input parameter


Intersect within area / full inside are

Intersect within area: the buffered features can partially be inside the buffer zone.

Full inside area: the buffered features must completely be inside the buffer zone.

Layer ID

External layer ID of the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 query layer to be the result of the buffer operation.

Note: The layer must be identifyable/selectable.

Return Key

Specifies the field to be returned in the response.

Note: It is possible to select more return keys by using the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

Default Buffer Distance

Defines the buffer distance in the unit of the project (default meter).


Specifies a JavaScript callback function.

Input parameter - Buffer in WebOffice map widget testcontainer


Note: Both, features from the same and features form another layer can be buffered.

Note: Please find more details about the configuration of the buffer tool in WebOffice author in the chapter Create Buffer - Tool and Buffer - Layer.