In order to use the Add Remove Tool in the testcontainer just activate the function under Tools. This tool allows to add and/or remove features from a current selection.


Input parameter



External layer ID on the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 query layer.

Note: The layer must be identifyable/selectable.

Key Name

Identifies the attribute to be queried on.

Note: The key name is the technical field name (not the alias name) and must be configured as Search Field.

Key Value

Identifies the value to be queried on.

Note: The value must be escaped correctly.

Return Key

Specifies the field to be returned in the response.

Note: It is possible to select more return keys by using the Ctrl key on the keyboard.


Specifies a JavaScript callback function.

set as startmode

By checking this parameter the tool will initially be activated after refreshing the map widget.

Retain Selection

By activating this parameter, the selected objects remain selected after calling the Add/Remove function again. Otherwise, the previous selection is deleted when you call the function again. It is therefore not possible to add or remove objects in several steps to the current selection without activating this parameter.

Input parameter - AddRemove in WebOffice map widget Testcontainer


WebOffice map widget testcontainer - AddRemove Tool

WebOffice map widget testcontainer - AddRemove Tool


Note: The returnkeys must contain at least the keyname.