The Search Field List specifies all search fields available

for predefined queries

in the query builder form


The definable parameters has impact only on the query builder, since with predefined queries search fields are not selectable for the user.


Search field list configuration

Search field list configuration




Sort order

Specifies the overall Sort order:



Search field list properties



The context menu of the Search Field List includes the possibility to automatically import all search fields to the current project configuration (Import fields from service). The search fields will be imported based on the corresponding service.


Automatic import of search fiels of the service

Automatic import of search fiels of the service


Search Field

Add various Search Fields via right-mouse context menu.



If a field has an attributive index in the database, the field is marked with *.


Search field configuration

Search field configuration





Name (alias) to be used for the search field in the WebOffice 10.9 R3 clients.


It is recommended to use either Geodatabase alias or ArcMap alias definitions instead If possible. See chapter Field Alias for details about best practices regarding alias names.


Search field. Either a layer field or a table field is referenced.


Define in the Basic Settings whether you want have alias or technical names displayed in the drop-down list.

If a join is made to the layer in the ArcGIS map document (ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro), the technical field name will change from fieldname to featureclass.fieldname. If a WebOffice configuration has been created on this layer before, it is as designed in this case that in the WebOffice author standalone the search and result field configuration has to be reconfigured.


Sorting is either done

according to the database field type (fieldtype) or

by means of a specific WebOffice sorting algorithm (for TEXT fields only, especially useful for house or parcel numbers and other alphanumerical values) when using configuration value alphanumeric.

Do case insensitive search?

Perform a case insensitive search (Yes) or not (No).

If search performance is poor this may be due to case insensitive search mode. Try No then.


Querying a table of an Oracle DB case insensitive will disable the attribute index of the table, leading to a performance decrease.

A query on a search field (type String) from an Oracle DB only works with indexing if

othe query is executed case insensitive (do case insensitive search - No) and

othe Oracle Index is a functional index on upper case letters (function based index on UPPER function).

Case insensitive search on feature classes with Joins in Oracle DBs using NLS_UPPER will only work, if:

oThe option ‘keep only matching records’ is set on the ArcMap Join

oThe source table (feature class) and target table (Join table) are from the same data source

If these preconditions are not reached, the Join operation will not work.

For external Calls only?

Defines whether the search field may only be used for external parametrized calls. If activated, the field is neglected for the query builder and the full-text search.


If all defined search fields are defined for external calls only, then the query builder cannot be opened. A warning message will say The query is not available (no valid search fields).


It is possible to check in SynAdmin which search fields are indexed for the full-text search. See the HowTo chapter Full-Text Search for details.

Search field properties