The parameter activetools=ADDREMOVE will display the Add Remove tool. This tool enables the user to add/remove features from the current set of selected features.



The value from the parameters keyname and returnkey have to be the same.

The pixel tolerance for this tool can be configured in WebOffice Defaults.


Add/Remove in WebOffice map widget

Add/Remove in WebOffice map widget


After having activated the Add Remove tool, additional features of the same layer to be selected/deselected can be marked in the map. This step is for preparing the properly selection. While marking any objects in the map, navigation (pan/zoom) is still allowed. As soon as an object was detected, a small check box will be displayed. After pressing the button the object will be added to current selection and the list of selected features int the callback will be extended/reduced. It's possible to add as many objects as necessary to a current selection.

The other way around, it's possible to remove objects from a current selection. Therefore choose an already selected feature and the check box will be displayed. When clicking the button, the selection will be removed.


To use the AddRemove tool with the WebOffice map widget, the following parameters are necessary:


Input parameter



External layer ID on the WebOffice 10.9 R3 query layer.

Note: The layer must be identifiable/selectable


Identifies the attribute to be queried on.

Note: The key name is the technical field name (not the alias name) and must be configured as Search Field.


Identifies the value to be queried on.

Note: The value must be escaped correctly.


Specifies the field to be returned in the response.

Note: It is possible to use more returnkeys separated by semicolon ;. Please ensure to configure the returnkey as Result Field of the layer query.

callback_addremove_mw (optional)

Specifies a JavaScript callback function.

startmode=ADDREMOVE (optional)

By checking this parameter the tool will initially be activated after refreshing the map widget.

Note: The parameter startmode can only be used with one single tool.

retainSelection (optional)

If you call the parameter with the value true, an already existing selection will remain, even though the tool has been deactivated.