Send large amounts of data via POST to Integrator 2021

This chapter describes the configuration necessary in WebOffice to be able to send large amounts of data via POST to the Integrator 2021. This way, thousands of objects can be transferred to GeoOffice.


The configurations required by Integrator 2021 for the call are described in the GeoOffice dokumentation.


Basically the default settings of ArcGIS Server and WebOffice are not designed for the transmission of thousands of features. Therefore the corresponding limit values have to be increased first.


In the corresponding service, the "Maximum number of datasets returned by the server" in the ArcGIS Server Manager has to be increased to the value that corresponds to the maximum number of transferred features:





In the WebOffice project, the "Max. hits" has to be increased accordingly, which can be found in the section Common settings.




Furthermore, the parameter "Maximum hits" in the search layer in the configuration node "Query" must be increased accordingly.





Subsequently, an integration must be configured in the search result view from which the call is to be made.

As can be seen in the image below, the node Integration of external applications in the respective Search result view is required for this.


An Integration (Call FROM WebOffice) is to be added as a sub-node. The option "Key set - separated parameters" is to be selected.




Various parameters must be adjusted in the integration.

First, a "Application name" must be assigned.

Furthermore, the integrator URL must be entered in the "Base URL" parameter - http://localhost:9000/GeoofficeIntegrator by default.

Multiple hits must be enabled in the "Use" parameter, i.e. "Multiple Hit" or "Single and Multiple Hit" must be selected.

For the option "Use HTTP Get?", the value must be changed to "HTTP POST".




Afterwards, the unique key field for the transfer must be defined in the "Key" node.





With this, the integrator call is ready configured for a large amount of data and can be called in the client:




Adjustments in the Internet Information Services (IIS)

If the web server is operated directly via the IIS and large amounts of data are in use, the following error message may appear on the server (image below). As a countermeasure, adjustments must be made in the IIS, directly on the web server. If standard data volumes are used, this step can be ignored.




Open the IIS with the admin user and open the Request Filtering menu item:




On the right side, in the Actions, select the Edit Feature Settings menu item:




As a next step, increase both parameters Maximum URL length (Bytes) and Maximum query string (Bytes) accordingly:





Adjustments to Apache Tomcat Connector

So that via Apache Tomcat Connector a lot of objects can be passed from the integrator to WebOffice, a limit increase can be performed.


This must be done especially if the following error message appears.



In the Apache Tomcat Connector (C:\Tomcat\conf\ as well as in Apache Tomcat (C:\Tomcat\conf\server.xml), the packetSize must be increased and set to an equal value.





After that, all objects will now be correctly transferred to WebOffice and will be displayed in the result list as well as in the map.