Request WebOffice Support

In case of any troubles with WebOffice 10.9 SP1, your corresponding WebOffice support team will support you as well as in any way possible, assumed to a valid maintenance agreement with your WebOffice support team. In order to support you as quick and efficient as possible, please check some details before requesting support.



Before requesting support, please make sure that the problem also occurs with the latest software version. Therefore, please download and install the latest version from WebOffice Download Center:


A qualified support request contains at least the following information:


Software version (build time)

Provide the exact build time of your WebOffice version. You will find it in Synadmin - License Tab. If the problem occurs in combination with other VertiGIS products, please provide also the exact versions of them.


WebOffice Software Version (Build Time)

WebOffice Software Version (Build Time)


ArcGIS for Server & Server Object Extension Software Version

ArcGIS for Server & Server Object Extension Software Version


Detailed description

Please give a detailed, step-by-step description of the problem. It is important for your WebOffice support team to replicate the problem (either with own data or with the customer's data). If possible, provide screenshots of the single steps you have made.



By using specific log categories it is possible to get detailed information about a specific error in the log file. Attach this WebOffice log file to your support request. See chapter Synadmin - Logging Tab for more details about logging.



In the chapter Log Entries you will find solutions for some already happened issues.


The log file is located at: C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice application>\WEB-INF\work\WebOffice.log


WebOffice logfile

WebOffice logfile



On demand please prepare the following information:


Project/Application configuration

For replication of the issue with the same settings please provide xml files of the project and/or application configuration. You will find it in WEB-INF Directory.


Customer's data

For replication of the issue with the same data please provide an extract of your data and attach it to your support request. By creating a MPK (map package) you can provide data and MXD. Your WebOffice support team will keep the customer's data in confidence.


Plot layouts

Also provide your plot templates from the path configured in Server Object Extension when having problems with printing (Legacy).


System information

On demand please provide some system information to your WebOffice support team. You can easily find an overview in Synadmin - System Tab, just export as text file and attach it to the support request.