In the License information tab you find license status information and WebOffice version information.

On top of the page you find information about the MAC address(es) found by WebOffice 10.9 SP1. In the bottom part of the page it is possible to import a license by using the file dialog in the middle and the Import License button on the left.


SynAdmin license tab

SynAdmin license tab



For details regarding the licensing process, please see chapter Gather Required Information for License.


See the table below for detailed description of the License information tab.





The Product column shows the software product information.

Possible values are



WebOffice for ArcGIS Server

WebOffice flex

WebOffice mobile

WebOffice ePaper

WebOffice extract server (export)

WebOffice trace

WebOffice map widget

WebOffice UserManagement

Product Version

The product version column shows detailed software product version information.


Always provide the product version in case you need support.

Build Time

The build time column provides exact information for support.


Please provide build time information if support asks you for.

License Level

The license level provides detailed licensing information.

Possible licensing levels for WebOffice 10.9 SP1 are

WebOffice basic

WebOffice standard

WebOffice web editing

QueryCenter standard

QueryCenter advanced

AGS Enterprise

AGS Workgroup


The Licensed column shows if the Product is licensed for a specific License level.

If Yes then it is licensed.

If No then it is not licensed.

Expiration Date

Expiration date shows the point of time when the license expires.


In case you have temporary license keys only (test installation etc.) please check the Expiration date carefully to avoid that you run out of license from one day to the other.

SynAdmin license information tab buttons