In the System tab you find important runtime system information.


In case VertiGIS supports asks you for detailed system information please navigate to system information tab and copy all displayed information and send it to support (simply use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+a and Ctrl+c subsequently for coping the whole text into clipboard. Paste it into the mail body or in a document).


On top of the page you find the Reload properties button to reload the properties. Use this in case you did change some settings and want to see the current system information.


SynAdmin system tab

SynAdmin system tab





Export the system information as a text file, e.g. for sending it to VertiGIS support in case of troubles.


The most important bit of information is the Max memory (-Xmx). See chapter Apache Tomcat Configuration for details.


Open the Memory Details in order to get detailed information about memory capacity and degree of utilization.


Click Ports Usage to see a chart displaying the usage of dynamic ports.


Click Thread Usage for visualization of thread activity as a graph.

In the bottom of the System tab the user has the possibility to export the thread activity to a CSV file and enable or disable the logging for thread activity.


Click TCP Connections to open the network statistics in a new tab. This displays the protocol type, local and remote address, status and PID (Packet Identifier) for each connection. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the respective heading.

SynAdmin system tab buttons