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VertiGIS Printing (optional)

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This chapter deals with the setup and configuration of VertiGIS Printing Tools. This configuration is an optional configuration for printing in WebOffice 10.8 SP2 to the already known WebOffice extensions.


In a WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 printing with WebOffice extensions and the VertiGIS Printing can be configured and used in one project at the same time.


VertiGIS Printing is available with the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 release as Focused Release.


This web tool (older name 'GeoProcessing') based print functionality includes the following enhancements compared to printing with VertiGIS WebOffice extensions:

•        Generation of printouts via a web tool, which is referenced via the ArcGIS Server REST interface in the WebOffice project. The 64bit architecture of ArcGIS Enterprise eliminates the known memory limitations of 32bit processes (WebOffice extensions)

•        Problems with the display of transparencies (with selection graphics, etc.) are also eliminated

•        Printing of ArcGIS Feature Services and Vector Tiles is now possible

•        Vectorized (printed) content provides good quality even at 96dpi screen quality

•        Improved performance is achieved when generating the print outputs.

•        Through the integration via a web tool, the functionality is 'ESRI platform-aligned'

•        Independent setup/configuration regarding the ArcGIS version



Please consider the notes and prerequisites before an installation in chapter Installation with Setup or Manual setup (alternative).

For further information please contact your corresponding WebOffice Support Team.



Known limitations

Currently not yet implemented known print functions (as of April 2021):

Dynamically filled function fields (e.g. date, scale, coordinates, etc.; see Printing with Function Fields).

Dynamic legend (see Dynamic Legend)

Print template categories (see List of Plot Template Categories)

Exact scale of the overview map on the printout

Display of the print area on the overview map on the printout



Other implementations not yet implemented will be successively added in future patches and versions.

Always use the latest version including all patches of WebOffice 10.8 SP2 in connection with VertiGIS Printing tools.


The exact size (scale) of the overview map in the frame cannot currently be calculated, an estimated size (scale) is used.

This intermediate solution (scale calculation) will be omitted with the next version 1.1 of the VertiGIS Printing tools.

The red rectangle in the overview map which indicates the print area is not calculated by WebOffice, but it can be defined in the layout as an extent indicator.


Using an Extend Indicator on the layout in ArcGIS Pro - to display the print area in the overview map on the printout.

Using an Extend Indicator on the layout in ArcGIS Pro - to display the print area in the overview map on the printout.



Continue with the installation of VertiGIS Printing in chapter Installation with Setup.