As with other queries too it is necessary to configure a Geolocator Query element that allows you to define certain parameters as well as a result field list. By configuring various result fields you can control how the search result will look like in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients.



Be aware that some of the parameters do not have any impact on a geolocator query but are only inherited. E.g. you cannot create an index for global full-text search for a geolocator query. See the properties below for details.


Geolocator query configuration

Geolocator query configuration



For more information about the subsequent elements of a query (search result views, result field lists, result fields), please see chapter Layer Queries and its subsequent chapters.




Name of generic query

Name of generic query

Default - Query

Has no impact on geolocator query.

Query builder enabled?

Has no impact on geolocator query.

Access control ID

Access control ID needed for access control based on UserManagement module.

If an ID is configured here (e.g. QUERYBUILDER_OWNER) and WebOffice UserManagement module is used then the user role is checked whether it provides the necessary application right or not (according to the example the application right would be QUERYBUILDER_OWNER). If the necessary application right is not available then the query builder will not be available in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 for the corresponding layer/table.

Default search result

Default search result for query builder

Search category (query builder)

Display group if Query builder is enabled


See chapter List of Search Categories for details regarding search categories.

Maximum hits

Set the maximum count of hits shown in the query result.

Create index for global full-text search?

Has no impact on geolocator query.

Result weighting (FTS)

Has no impact on geolocator query.

External Layer-ID

Layer ID used to relate external search calls to the map service layer.


External layer IDs may not contain spaces or special characters. Only combinations of the following letters and numbers are permitted or are intended to be used:

A to Z (uppercase letters)

A to z (lowercase letters)

0 to 9 (numeric characters)

Check consistency?

Specifies whether to check the count of passed object keys with the count of found object keys when using external parametrized calls to WebOffice (URL Call Interface). If the two counts are not conform, the passed but not found object keys will be listed in a notification in the client.

Search values in cache?

Could the lists of possible values be cached? If false, the search form value lists are to be built for each user session. If true, then WebOffice 10.9 SP1 can cache the values of all search fields, which do not depend on user values (not in any hierarchy).

Filtering search (for query builder)

Enables (Yes) or disables (No) the filtering search function in the query builder. With enabled filter search function only objects listed in the search result are displayed.

Geolocator query properties



See chapter Geolocators for general information regarding geolocators.

In order to provide a geolocator search in your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project you need to configure a geolocator service. See chapter Geolocator Service for details.

Specify the selection display of the geolocator in Point Symbology.

Specify a certain search extent in Search Extent.

Please find more details about the geolocator query in the WebOffice core client in chapter Geolocator Query.