By defining a search extent the field of interest may be constrained. Therefore, use this element if the address you were searching for could not be found.


Geolocator search extent configuration

Geolocator search extent configuration


By clicking the button woas_Search_Extent1  beside the configuration parameters, WebOffice author standalone takes over the respective extent values from ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro. Alternatively, the entire map extent of the ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro project can be taken by clicking on the Take all extent values button.




The extent information must be completely inside the full extent, otherwise it will be ignored.



See chapter Geolocators for general information regarding geolocators.

In order to provide a geolocator search in your WebOffice 10.9 R3 project you need to configure a geolocator service. See chapter Geolocator Service for details.

Define a geolocator query together with your desired result fields. See chapter Geolocator Query for details.

Specify the selection display of the geolocator in Point Symbology.

Please find more details about the geolocator query in the WebOffice core client in chapter Geolocator Query.