Provide the URL of a Geolocator Service and, if necessary, service user and password.


Geolocator service configuration

Geolocator service configuration




Service URL

Base URL of the service.


The locator function is usually used through the Esri World Geolocator (

Service user

User name of user accessing ArcGIS Server service.

Must be member of agsusers (GIS Server Users) group on ArcGIS Server machine.


If a domain user is used for accessing the service, then the windows domain needs to be provided in the format domain\user. If no domain is configured then authentication is done locally.


Password of user accessing ArcGIS Server service (must be member of GIS Server users group on ArcGIS Server machine).

Search Parameter

Name of the HTTP Parameter containing the searched address.

Geolocator service properties


If you want to provide suggestions in your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 client, when typing some characters into the search field, then you have to configure a value list with auto completion.


Geolocator Service - Value list with auto completion

Geolocator Service - Value list with auto completion





The tooltip entered in the textbox part of the advanced input list. Example Enter street name.

Min. user input length

Specifies the necessary number of characters to be typed in by the user to get the list box populated automatically with the values by the server.

Wait time [ms]

Time to wait before the server request is submitted [ms]. The configured wait time is also valid for full-text search.

Geolocator Service - Value list with auto completion properties



See chapter Geolocators for general information regarding geolocators.

Define a geolocator query together with your desired result fields. See chapter Geolocator Query for details.

Specify the selection display of the geolocator in Point Symbology.

Specify a certain search extent in Search Extent.

Please find more details about the geolocator query in the WebOffice core client in chapter Geolocator Query.