ArcGIS Server Geometry Service


ArcGIS Server Geometry Service configuration

ArcGIS Server Geometry Service configuration




Service Name (GUI)

Service name of map service displayed in the GUI.

Metadata URL

Configure a reference to a metadata document (must be available via HTTP) as URL.


You may configure the unique Metadata document identifier (UUID) of a Catalog Service (CSW 2.0) here. In this case you must configure the SOAP interface of the Catalog Services in Metadata Display.

Metadata short description

Provide a short description for the metadata (line breaks with \n).


Service specific copyright text to be added to the configured project copyright if the map service contributes to the map.


The service specific copyright will only be displayed if the map element Copyright is configured.


Detailed information about the use of these attributes can be found in chapters Template (File Name) and WebOffice ePaper Template (File Name).


Specifies URL of ArcGIS Server Geometry Service.



The ArcGIS Server Geometry Service is configured automatically during the installation of ArcGIS Server.

Service user

User login for accessing the ArcGIS Server service (ArcGIS service user).


Password of user accessing ArcGIS Server service

Identify/Select on all visible Feature Layers?

When using the option All visible Layers in the Client all Layers visible in the current scale and set to visible are taken into consideration.

A Layer configuration is not required, the ArcMap Layer Properties get used instead (Layer Name, visible Fields, Field order)

Server normalized

Normalized server URL

ArcGIS Server Geometry Service properties



See chapter Map Service Properties for details about the configuration of map service properties.