Activate WebOffice ePaper

The WebOffice10.9R3-DVD includes a sample WebOffice ePaper template designed for the WebOffice Sample Project. If you want to activate it, please be aware that you have to fulfill the following prerequisites:

a valid WebOffice ePaper license

installed WebOffice extensions (with WebOffice ePaper component)



You can only activate WebOffice ePaper if you already have a working WebOffice Sample Project. If this is not the case, start with chapter Publish Map Documents instead.

Copy WebOffice Sample Project ePaper Data

You will need the following files from the WebOffice10.9R3-DVD:

WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\SampleProject\WebOffice directories Add-On\WebOfficeePaperTemplates\Emergency.ePaperSample_DE.mrt

WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\SampleProject\WebOffice directories Add-On\WebOfficeePaperTemplates\Emergency.ePaperSample_EN.mrt

WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\SampleProject\WebOffice directories Add-On\WebOfficeePaperTemplates\Properties.Properties_DE.mrt

WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\SampleProject\WebOffice directories Add-On\WebOfficeePaperTemplates\Properties.Properties_EN.mrt

WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\SampleProject\WebOffice directories Add-On\WebOfficeePaperTemplates\SynePaperService.mxd


The sample WebOffice ePaper files can be found in the WebOffice10.9R3-DVD under WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\SampleProject\Project\WebOfficeePaperTemplates\. If still not existing, copy the entire new directory WebOfficeePaperTemplates in C:\arcgisserver\directories.

Adjust the StoreManagerConfiguration.xml

You can find the StoreManagerConfiguration.xml in the installation directory of the WebOffice extensions (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SynerGIS\GeoOffice\Configuration). Open it in a text editor and enter the path of your WebOfficeePaperTemplates folder into the Destination Name='Configuration element.


Adjust the StoreManagerConfiguration.xml

Adjust the StoreManagerConfiguration.xml

Check whether WebOffice ePaper extension is activated on the SynOutputService

Follow the instructions in chapter Activate SOE on a Map Service to see whether the WebOffice ePaper extension was already activated on the SynOutputService. If not, configure the correct path to the WebOfficeePaperTemplates directory. Anyways, you have to restart the SynOutputService in order to make the WebOffice ePaper templates available for WebOffice 10.9 R3. Afterwards, go to SynAdmin and reload the resources of the WebOffice Sample Project.

Activate WebOffice ePaper in the WebOffice Sample Project

Start WebOffice author standalone and open the WebOffice_SampleProject. Navigate to Edit Project > ePaper and change the parameter Use tool? to true. Then save the project configuration and publish the project.


Activate the WebOffice ePaper tool in the WebOffice author standalone

Activate the WebOffice ePaper tool in the WebOffice author standalone


Now the WebOffice ePaper functionality is available in the WebOffice 10.9 R3 clients. Choose the query Emergency and search for some Emergency Ambulances. From the search result you can create a WebOffice ePaper report. The second WebOffice ePaper report can be created from the Properties search result.


WebOffice ePaper report in the WebOffice core client

WebOffice ePaper report in the WebOffice core client



See chapter ePaper for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter WebOffice ePaper Template (File Name) for details about the configuration of WebOffice ePaper templates.

See chapter Search Result Toolbar for details about creating a WebOffice ePaper report in the WebOffice html client.