Click t to start the identify tool in the WebOffice flex client. It will open the respective tool form with a radio button menu that allows you to choose whether to identify on

all visible layers

on a specific layer



If MapTip function activated with startup? is set to true, the Identify tool will not be available in the WebOffice flex Client. Further information about the configuration of this parameter can be found in the MapTip chapter.

In order to reduce the number of tools available, VertiGIS recommends to skip this tool for WebOffice flex because workflows differ from other clients. Consider to use the MapTip tool in the automatic mode instead.

When displaying a result the following map updates will be executed:

Point: zoom to the reference scale of a layer


1.zoom to the reference scale of a layerden Referenzmaßstab des Themas

2.if this would lead to an extent, where the feature is not entirely visible, it will instead zoom to a scale where the entire feature can be displayed (+ about 25% buffer)

3.or when distince scale are used into the next zoom scale that is most close to 2.

The factor that is used to increase the extent can be adapted in properties_weboffice_user.xml by <record jsxid="result.zoom.expand jsxtext="1.25"/>.


The main difference between Identify and MapTip in WebOffice flex is that identify works cross layers, so with a click you can select multiple objects from multiple layers (if identifying on visible layers), whereas with MapTip you can only select from a single layer.


Identify tool in the WebOffice flex client

Identify tool in the WebOffice flex client


The crosshair can be activated for precise working with the touch surface on touch devices. The use of the above-mentioned puncture function (selection of multiple objects from multiple layers) is also possible when identifying using the crosshair.

The active identify tool is executed automatically when the crosshair is used, and the request is sent after a defined time of missing map interaction. The default value of the time span between missing map interaction and execution of the identification tool is 1000 ms, and can be overridden in the properties_weoffice_user.xml in directory C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice-Appikation>\client_flexjs\jss by adding the following tags:

<record jsxid="crosshair.request.timeout jsxtext="1000"/>


In the WebOffice flex client it is also possible to execute a Printing tool via the search result of the Identify tool, if this has been configured before in the search result view. This function is available for printing (Legacy) via the WebOffice Extensions as well as via GeoProcessing based expressions (VertiGIS Studio Printing Engine).

Identify tool in the WebOffice flex client

Identify tool in the WebOffice flex client



See chapter WebOffice mobile for details about the usage of crosshair.

See chapter Results for details about the results in WebOffice flex.

See chapter Identify for details about the tool configuration in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Print Templates with Attribute Data for details on configuring the Printing (Legacy) tool in a search result view in the WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Printing (Legacy)  for details on configuring the Printing (Legacy) tool with the  Server Object Extension in the WebOffice author standalone

See chapter VertiGIS Printing for details on configuring a print service using VertiGIS Printing in the WebOffice author standalone.

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