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Export Profiles

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Using export profiles, a data export can be started from a selection or a search result. To do this, configure the Export Profiles node below a layer query. Within this node you can now create 1 to n export profile configuration elements.


Note: First, configure the export profiles that should be available in the WebOffice 10.8 SP2 project with the export tool. Details can be found in the chapter WebOffice extract server - Datenextraktion.

Note: Note, that the extract functionality must also be enabled on the corresponding search result.

Note: Currently exporting from a search result only supports the main map projection.


Export profiles

Export profiles





Apply UserManagement Filter?

Specifies if filters (attributive Filter / Restrictions for Layers) defined in UserManagement are applied when exporting.







Export profile

Export profile





Export profile

Export profile reference - WebOffice extract server - Datenextraktion.

Output format

Desired output format.

Note: If at this point an output format is defined that is not permissible for the particular export profile, 

the first configured output format will be used.

Exportprofil Layer-ID

If the export profile contains a Layer-ID different to the default Layer-ID (TopLevelGroup//Layername) it can be overridden by configuring this value.