The Place Symbol tool provides functionality to make map notes which can be used for easy exchange of symbols place in the map via E-Mail.


Meeting Point tool configuration

Meeting Point tool configuration


Configure different Meeting Point Symbols that are to be available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients.


Meeting point symbol configuration

Meeting point symbol configuration





URL of the image for the Meeting Point symbol including file extension (.gif or .jpg), e.g.: pub/images/meet_x_20_20.png

By default the following images are available in the folder pub/images (the first number in the file name is the X- and the second number is the Y-offset):








The image has to be located inside the web application and referenced via a relative path or a valid HTTP URL has to be used. To reference images outside your web application directory, create a virtual directory and refer to via HTTP URL.

External Marker-ID

Marker-ID used to relate external calls to the marker symbol.


External marker IDs may not contain spaces or special characters. Only combinations of the following letters and numbers are permitted or are intended to be used:

A to Z (uppercase letters)

A to z (lowercase letters)

0 to 9 (numeric characters)

X Offset [Pixel]

X-Offset [Pixel] for insert point of the graphics symbol.

Y Offset [Pixel]

Y-Offset [Pixel] for insert point of the graphics symbol.

Meeting point symbol properties


Besides manually configuring meeting point symbols you also have the option to add predefined symbol sets via the context menu of the tool Meeting Point.


Predefined symbol sets im the context menu of the tool Meeting Point

Predefined symbol sets im the context menu of the tool Meeting Point



See chapter Snap Layers for details about the configuration of snap layers in WebOffice author standalone.

See chapter Add Drawing for details about the tool appearance in the WebOffice mobile client.

See chapters Draw and Place symbol for more details about the measure/drawing tools in the WebOffice core client.