Configure Snap Layers for providing snap functionality in all measure, markup, specific selection and editing tools. The user will then be able to snap to vertices of objects as well as on edges of the configured layers.


Snap layers configuration

Snap layers configuration



If you want to provide snapping functionality while editing, you need to configure snap profile or/and layers directly as a subelement of Edit Layers.


Snap layers configuration within edit layers

Snap layers configuration within edit layers




Default Snap layer or profile

Specifies the default snap layer or default snap profile.

If a default snap layer is configured then the snap layer gets loaded automatically when using a tool with snap support.

Snap tolerance

Default snap tolerance (geodata units).

Maximum object count

Specifies the maximum object count (features) supported by the snap tool.


Increasing this value increases the time the client has to wait for preparing the snap tool.

Snap layers properties


As subelements of snap layers you can configure

a Snap Profile for Digitizing/Measuring

a Snap Layer

Use the former one to group together a collection of snap layers and the latter one if you want to provide snap functionality for a specific layer from one of the map services of the map collection.



By right clicking on List of snap layers > New > Add all layers as snap layers it is possible to add all layers from all configured map services as snap layer to the list.

See chapter Measure/Markup for details about snapping while measuring in the WebOffice core client.

See chapter Editing for details about editing in the WebOffice core client.

If snapping is configured for an edit layer and Location Tool is used in WebOffice mobile client, also the last position will be added to the set of snapping points.