Generic Search - Value List Behavior

The element Generic Search list behavior provides a couple of parameters to manage the behavior of the query builder of the WebOffice core client. However, the parameters minimum user input length and wait time (ms) also have impact on the full-text search behavior.



In order to enable the query builder for a certain query, you have to allow it by setting the parameter Query builder enabled? to Yes. The query builder will then use the configured Search Field List and List of Search Result Views of the layer.


Generic search configuration

Generic search configuration





Allows to configure the tooltip on an Advanced Listbox at the search topic level (for example, a part of a street).

Minimum user input length

Specifies the necessary count of characters typed in by the user before the list box will be populated automatically with the values (works similar to e.g. YouTube suggestions).


The minimum user input length configured at this place is also valid for the WebOffice FTS-Index.

The minimum user input length configured at this place is also valid for pre-defined Queries in the WebOffice mobile client.

Wait time (ms)

Time to wait before the server request is submitted [ms].


The wait time configured at this place is also valid for the WebOffice FTS-Index.

LIKE search option

Specifies the way the list of values in the search form is generated

starts with: Selection values starting with the search expression

contains for providing values in the value list that contain the search expression

phonetic: Selection values, some of which are similar to the search expression

Count of suggestions

Specifies the count of values returned by WebOffice.

The sorting is carried on in such a way, that the values with the search-expression/condition are arranged before those values, in which the search expression/condition includes the actual queried/searched expression.


The use is recommended for WebOffice mobile projects as well as outside hierarchical searches.



WebOffice will NOT necessarily return the complete scope of all found data when using this parameter but only a list with the maximum scope configured here.

Generic search configuration



Query builder queries may be even more powerful than queries defined in the project configuration. You may specify brackets as well as the operators is NULL and is not NULL to review the consistency of your data.


Go through chapter Queries to see how the query builder works in the WebOffice core client.