Configure basic settings

After the setup you have to configure the basic settings here: File > Settings. You can also import and load existing settings.



When changing the basic settings, you can either overwrite an existing user profile or create a new one. For further information please visit User settings.

Activate Synchronize to User management database when using WebOffice usermanagement.



WebOffice author standalone: Settings




Saved Settings

Select a saved setting. You can load, rename, delete, export, import or export all settings.

Save current settings as

Create a new setting profile

WebOffice project directory

Select the directory, in which your projects are saved. The default project directory is:

C:\tomcat\webapps\WebOffice 10.9 SP1\WEB-INF\classes\configuration\projects

WebOffice application URL

Select your application URL. The URL to the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 web application and the password to access the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 administration pages. In case the Apache Tomcat Connector was installed before no port has to be entered. Otherwise the URL should look like https://<server name>[:<port>]/<WebOffice application name>/ (e.g. http://myserver:8080/WebOffice)

WebOffice administration password

Please enter your password to access the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 administration page.


The default password is admin. Please change it after entering your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 administration (=SynAdmin) page for the first time.

URL for UM Admin Web

If you want to use WebOffice usermanagement for your WebOffice 10.9 SP1-profile, please enter the URL to your User Management Admin.


The default URL for UM Admin Web is http://<server>/user managementAdminWeb

User interface language

You can choose between English and German as a user interface language. This will affect the language of your WebOffice author standalone.

Project language

Here you can choose the language of your projects. Following languages are available: German, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish, Arabic and Farsi.

Show field names instead of alias

Check this option to decide whether you want to have technical field names displayed in WebOffice author or alias names configured in the ArcMap document or the geodatabase.

These names will be displayed, e.g. when configuring

search fields

result fields

integration of external applications

Configuration view

In configuration views, you can select the clients for which the respective configuration is applied. For example, if only Core & HTML is to be configured, Flex and Mobile must be deactivated.


This function is not yet implemented with the current version of WebOffice author. Currently, the configuration options cannot be restricted, which means that all clients are activated.

Synchronize to User management database

WebOffice author automatically keeps the user management database (UMDB) base data in sync when checking this option. This way when saving a project configuration, WebOffice author saves changes

to the project configuration file as well as

to the user uanagement database


If you synchronize to the WebOffice user management database, WebOffice author will create a connection to the database. In this case please ensure, that the user of this connection is the same than the user, that created the WebOffice User Management Database.

It is not possible to enter your user management credentials, when Synchronize to User management database is not chosen.

Open UM Admin Web with simple menu

Check this option if you want to start the User Management Admin Web application with the simple menu by default providing wizards for:



Print Profiles

Group Rights for Projects


Inside the User Management Admin Web it is possible to change to the complete menu.

Database type

Possible database types are:

MS SQL Server





Database server name and database instance (if necessary)


Database name


Database user name


Password for access to the database

Connect to ArcMap/ArcGis Pro on other users

Allows you to connect to ArcMap / ArcGIS Pro accounts from other users

Mobile+ project directory (optional)

If a Mobile+ project directory exists, it can be configured or called up here.

Debug mode

By activating the debug mode, further configuration tools are available in the Extras tab.

Create automatically backup of projects

If this option is activated, automatic backups of the project configuration of the currently opened project are stored in configurable intervals at <Application>\WEB-INF\classes\configuration\projects\AutoBackup. The default value for the time interval is 10 minutes.

Minimal filter length of search

Enter the minimal filter length for search. The default value is 0.

WebOffice author standalone settings



You will find more information about the different types of server here!