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UserManagement Admin Web

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UserManagement Admin Web provides a wizard-based user interface where admin users can create and edit configurations for WebOffice usermanagement.

In order to open UserManagement Admin Web site, enter the following URL into your browser:


Note: Add the parameter gui_display=standard or gui_display=simple in order to control whether the user interface will be started with simple or complete menu.

Note: Consider the Configuration of the File web.config


Choose a profile and enter user name and password to start UserManagement Admin Web.


Login page of UserManagement Admin Web

Login page of UserManagement Admin Web


The figure below shows the most important parts of the UserManagement Admin Web: box: switch between simple menu (basic wizards needed for simple configurations) and complete menu (all wizards).

2.functional/wizard stack: select a wizard to create, modify or delete a configuration.

3.wizard page: select objects by moving them to the right panel (either by selecting and pushing the arrow button, by double-clicking the object or by hitting the double-arrow button).

4.context sensitive online help and language choice.


UserManagement Admin Web user interface

UserManagement Admin Web user interface


Note: In case of support requests always provide the version information displayed in the left bottom area of the user interface.

Note: See chapter WebOffice usermanagement (Application Server) for details about the installation of WebOffice usermanagement.