Installation of WebOffice FTS-Index

To use WebOffice FTS-Index as an instance of the WebServer there are some configurations necessary.

Installation of Solr Server (WebOffice FTS-Index 8.11.2):

The installation file is available on the WebOffice10.9R3-DVD under WebOffice10.9R3-DVD\Software\WebOffice FTS-Index\en as WebOffice_FTS-Index_Setup.msi.


Start the Setup file WebOffice_FTS-Index_Setup.msi.




The suggested path for the installation directory (default: „C:\Program Files (x86)\VertiGIS\WebOffice FTS-Index“) and the port (default: 8983) can be adapted.




Setting JAVA_HOME as a system variable

In case you are getting a message, that you have to set a system variable called JAVA_HOME in the next step of the installation, please mind the following steps



It is mandatory for the Installation of WebOffice FTS-Index the System Variable JAVA_HOME has to be configured correctly on the Webserver.



Steps in Windows 10:

1.Open Control Panel

2.System and Security


4.Advanced system settings

5.Open Environment Variables

6.Mind System variables at the bottom of the window

7.Add new System Variable JAVA_HOME, set the Java JDK Installation path as variable value






After an update of Java, the system variable JAVA_HOME must be adjusted accordingly (the path to the installation directory of Java must be changed). After adjusting the system variable, the Windows service WebOffice FTS Index (port 8983) must be restarted. Please Delete Browser Cache afterwards.


After adding the System Variable JAVA_HOME you can start the setup again. The setup of  WebOffice FTS-Index should be finished without any complications.




The windows service WebOffice FTS-Index (Port 8983) will be installed and started automatically.


Checking the installation success of Solr Server (WebOffice FTS-Index):

You can check over the Web-Interface (e.g. http://localhost:8983/solr/), if your WebOffice FTS-Index is running correctly.

After the Standard-Installation of WebOffice FTS-Index the Basic Authentication will be activated.

User: weboffice                Password: weboffice4ever



User and password for the basic authentication can be changed afterwards. You will find additional information in the chapter Configuration of Solr Standalone.


Web-Admin Interface von Solr

Web-Admin Interface von Solr



Because of the standard security settings of FTS-Index only localhost can access Solr. Any other connection will be aborted with the HTTP-Error 403 ('Forbidden').


You will find additional information in the chapter Configuration of Solr Standalone.


Configuration of  WebOffice FTS-Index in WebOffice 10.9 R3:

In the first step the URL to the  WebOffice FTS-Index and the user credentials (user: weboffice, password: weboffice4ever) have to be entered in WebOffice 10.9 R3 application configuration.



URL of FTS-Index from Version 7.x: http://localhost:8983/solr/#/WebOffice


Konfiguration der Volltextsuche in der WebOffice Anwendungskonfiguration

Konfiguration der Volltextsuche in der WebOffice Anwendungskonfiguration



If a proxy server for HTTP requests is configured in the application configuration, the localhost must be defined as an exception.


Save your settings and reload the application.

Go to SynAdmin. If your installation was successful, you will see the Full text search tab.

Open this tab and check if the server URL to WebOffice FTS-Index and the version number are read correctly.


WebOffice Administration - Full text search

WebOffice Administration - Full text search


In order to use the full-text search in your WebOffice 10.9 R3 project, you have to activate the full-text search within the WebOffice 10.9 R3 project configuration. Please do not forget to configure this functionality on the respective query layers too.



See chapter Full-Text Search for activating the full-text search within the project configuration in WebOffice author.


The indexing for the global full-text search has to be activated on the Query sub node of the respective query layer in WebOffice author.


After saving the project configuration, the FTS sub indices have to be created for the respective query layers in SynAdmin.



See chapter Full-Text Search for creating the FTS sub indices in the WebOffice Administration Page.


After completing these steps, the full-text search is ready to be used in your WebOffice 10.9 R3 project.



See chapter Problems Related to Full-Text Search if problems occur regarding the full-text search.