This chapter describes error messages related to WebOffice FTS-Index that are displayed in the Full-Text Search Tab of the WebOffice Administration Page (SynAdmin).



1) OutOfMemoryError problem

The error is logged in WebOffice because a problem occurred in WebOffice FTS-Index (i.e. Solr) and the request could not be processed correctly.

In the Solr-Log (..\WebOffice FTS-Index\server\logs\solr.log) you will find the cause of the problem:

 2018-05-30 11:30:11.462 ERROR (qtp1911006827-317) [   x:OOE] o.a.s.h.RequestHandlerBase this IndexWriter is closed

                                                            Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Another log message may also be:

2021-09-28 05:04:07.767 WARN  (qtp1155769010-97) [   ] o.e.j.s.HttpChannel /solr/OOE/select => java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at org.apache.lucene.util.PagedBytes.copyUsingLengthPrefix(


The current memory settings can be viewed in the Solr Web-Admin (Dashboard > entry at the bottom of the list):

    -Xms<xxx>m ==> initial size of the JVM’s memory heap: xxx MB

    -Xmx<xxx>m ==> maximum size of the JVM’s memory heap: xxx MB


Current memory settings in Solr Web-Admin

Current memory settings in Solr Web-Admin


These parameters can be set in the ..\WebOffice FTS-Index\bin\ file:

REM Increase Java Min/Max Heap as needed to support your indexing / query needs

set SOLR_JAVA_MEM=-Xms512m -Xmx1012m


Adjusting the Values for Heap Memory Settings

Adjusting the Values for Heap Memory Settings


The default values for the memory heap are a minimum of 512 MB and a maximum of 1024 MB (that is 1 GB).

Note: Changed values become active by restarting the Windows service WebOffice FTS Index.



2) Proxy settings problem

When upgrading from WebOffice FTS-Index the connection to WebOffice FTS-Index is no longer established.

Error: No connection to the FTS-Index %1. Please check the configured FTS-Index address, the proxy settings and the proxy exceptions in the WebOffice application config.


The cause is an existing proxy because the WebOffice FTS-Index standalone runs on a different port (8983) than Tomcat.

Defining the exception localhost:8983 in the proxy settings in the Application Configuration can solve the problem.

Note: See chapter Proxy-Server for HTTP Requests for more information about the configuration of a proxy exception.



3) Problem with failed subindex calculation

When trying to recreate a subindex on a search layer in SynAdmin (Full-Text Search Tab), the generation aborts.

The message in the WebOffice log file describes the following cause for the problem:

FTS Subindex Index Change Thread failed with an error: FTS_ERROR - Error while getting statistics for creating the subindex.

 caused by The calculated number of features must be identical with both methods, layerFeatureCount=215238, layerFeatureCount_2=215199. Aborting...


The cause in this issue is the incomplete data set from the affected layer.

Solution for the problem can be the topic compression in ArcGIS. After that there are no more contents in the A and D tables and the subindex calculation will not fail.



More information can be found in the ArcGIS online help.