WebOffice mobile client

WebOffice mobile client is a true cross-platform client designed for touch displays, tailored for pads, tablets (large display size) and smart phones (small display size). Complete functional set available on desktop browser (mouse based interaction) as well.




The WebOffice mobile client is in retired status since version WebOffice 10.9 (release June 2021). Please use the WebOffice flex client instead.


See Client-side Requirements which mobile browsers and operating systems are officially supported.

The WebOffice mobile clients supports different mouse cursor symbols when used in desktop browsers. The mouse cursor symbols can be found in <WebOffice application>/client_mobile/images/cursors.


Reduced and therefore easy-to-use GUI.

No installation on device needed.

Minimum screen resolution of 800x480 pixels recommended

Minimum screen display 3,5”


Administration tools for WebOffice mobile client is identical to WebOffice html client:

WebOffice author

WebOffice Administration pages

User Management Admin


In addition there is the possibility for mobile client configurations under WebOffice mobile.



The WebOffice mobile client supports VertiGIS UserManagement. More details please find in chapter UserManagement.